Tom Leveen Climbs Aboard as a Contributor

The Two Gay Geeks would like to welcome Tom Leveen to our Content Creation Team here at TG Geeks dot com. We are extremely excited about Tom joining us on our journey to who knows where. Here is more about Tom in case you don’t know who he is:


Tom Leveen

Tom Leveen is an award winning author of nine novels published by the likes of Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Abrams. He has also written several self published books as well as two how-to manuals on writing dialogue and how watching movies can help you write (who ‘da thunk?).

As an Arizona native Tom is an advocate for early literacy and since he wrote his first short story in the second grade that makes a lot of sense.

Tom can be found at multiple events around Arizona most notably at Phoenix Comic Fest as an exhibitor and panelist where he talks about writing. And if he needed any more Geek Cred, he even worked with Todd McFarlane in writing several issues of the Spawn Comic Book Series.

Tom has a love for theater and has managed to accrue more than 22 years in theater from acting to directing and was the artistic director for not one but two different theater companies.

Tom will be writing reviews about movies, books, and general pop culture. There may be an emphasis on Amazon Prime, you never know where that could go. Look for his columns soon.

Welcome, Tom Leveen.

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