Greetings and Felicitations Programs! Yes, I know I mixed my metaphors and genre’s and characters etc. We are funny that way especially when we are brain dead from too much goings on. A Con last weekend and a Con this weekend, who has time to think. That is why this column is an open forum and recap fo the items we have featured on our Social Saturday postings.

The Two Gay Geeks desire to open this up to you, our readers to give us some ideas about who, what, where we should make a post about.

Social Saturday is the day we post about a great Geeky or Nerdy establishment, gathering place, or event that we want to feature / share with a wider audience. Come along and play. If you have a place or event that you feel needs to be, pardon the phrase – “pimped”, please let us know through our contact us page and we will consider creating a post and even give you credit, if you wish.
Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of this endeavor and our website.

Previously, on TG Geeks:

Our first Social Saturday was Ken Brown’s Drawn to Comics in Glendale, AZ:
Here is the link to our post about Drawn to Comics

Next we had our prodigious contributor, Ro give us one of her favorite places in San Diego, CA
Here is Ro’s write up of Mysterious Galaxy

Gini Koch gave us a write up of her new favorite restaurant in the Atlanta area.
Here is her thoughts on the Marietta Diner

Next up was a post form our contributor, Andrea.
She writes about Imperial Outpost

I penned an article about a local bookstore that is very tied into the local author scene:
here is our coverage of the Poisoned Pen Bookstore

Who can leave out Phoenix Comic Fest

We chose this next organization because we are big film nerds.
We featured Cult Classics AZ

Since we had Phoenix Comic Fest, we must feature a group of groupies of the Fest.
We feature the Blue Ribbon Army (BRA)

Of course, since this column falls on Saturday we had to feature Free Comic Book Day

A local establishment that provides a venue and classes in Improv we chose the Torch Theater

And last week we featured a local motion picture house, to use an old fashioned teem. But there is nothing old fashioned about the Film Bar

As we said earlier, if you have an event, organization, gathering spot you feel we should feature, please contact us.

Your thoughts and opinions are important to us, so please leave a comment in the section below the article, and if this is your first time visiting please be sure to read the Privacy / Terms and Conditions Of Use.

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