Dr. Zombie Monster Family Physician Comes to TG Geeks

The Two Gay Geeks are pleased to run the press release below about a new feature by our friend and new contributor, Tommy Cannon.

Let’s see what this Dr. Zombie Monster Family Physician is all about:


Tommy Cannon Studios and TG Geeks Present:
Dr. Zombie Monster Family Physician


Phoenix, AZ – June 12, 2018. Phoenix local, Tommy Cannon, joins TG Geeks as a contributor with his longtime brainchild and alter ego, Dr. Zombie Monster Family Physician, a cartoon monstrosity (see what I did there) that will keep your brains engaged.

Tommy Cannon is a local Phoenix Comic Book Artist, Visual Arts Teacher, Improv Master, and discoverer of Fred the Mustard Packet. Tommy had a desire while growing up to be a late night scary movie host and finally made that come true in 2009 when Dr. Zombie made his first appearance at The Trunk Space for a Halloween live screening of black and white “B” movies. This was to be an ongoing gig for Dr. Zombie aka Tommy Cannon. As time went by Dr. Zombie made appearances at Improv nights as well as became a character in multiple media forms. There is even a Dr. Zombie card game available.
Tommy did host one last movie in October of 2016 at Super Saver Cinemas as Dr. Zombie as a final celebration of what brought him into being.

Dr. Zombie in both dimensions

However, let’s talk comics. Dr. Zombie is perfect for comics. You can even get a comic book of Dr. Zombie’s twisted tales for your Kindle right now. But, we are doing different comics now. Yes, the gag-a-week comic is now in Dr. Zombie’s lab. Tommy always loved the Rob Liefeld of a psychologist treating a different superhero each month. So, the concept of a genre comic in the gag-a-week format can belong to everyone. That is what Tommy will be doing. He is smashing sci-fi, horror, and the gag-a-week format together to create Dr. Zombie: Monster Family Physician. The concept is that he’s a monster family physician, because the mad science lab doesn’t pay much and he has to a do a day job to fund his passion. We hope you enjoy this bizarre journey of cartooning and comedy.

Dr. Zombie in the human dimension as created by Tommy Cannon

Dr. Zombie will be one of our regular features and will be published as an individual article for each cartoon panel. There will be a dropdown menu for Dr. Zombie to access the archives and see the progression of the story line.

For more about Tommy Cannon, please visit his website: http://www.tommycannonstudios.com
Twitter: Tommy Cannon
To download a Word document with Tommy’s full description of the birth of Dr. Zombie, click here

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