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Editors Note: This week our prolific contributor, Gini Koch, takes over the reins for our Social Saturday Column. Gini has moved to South and is now experiencing some of the fine cuisine with a Southern spin. We will definitely be visiting this place when we visit the greater Atlanta area. Thank you Gini for a glimpse into this great restaurant.


Old Vinings Inn

As anyone who knows me knows, I like food. A lot. Food and I go way back and we’re tight. And, as much as I like food, I love it eating out at restaurants even more. But it’s nice to be sure that where you’re going will be good. Particularly if you’re going for “event” meals.
Whether you’re looking for an event meal, or just a delicious spin on Southern cooking, don’t miss The Old Vinings Inn.

Nestled on a “main street” in Vinings, which is a really lovely part of the Atlanta Metro Area, and also in a former period house, the Old Vinings Inn is both charming and comfortable. Valet parking is convenient and reasonable, the patio is lovely, and there are several different “rooms” given to dining areas, including an upstairs bar with a vibrant music scene. Décor is artwork from local artists, available for purchase, so it changes somewhat. (I have my eye on a couple of pieces, but I digress…)

But what about the food? It’s fantastic. I’ve never had a bad meal there, including the brunch buffet meals for Easter and Mother’s Day. The regular menu is loaded with deliciousness. Their southern fried chicken is great and not greasy, their cheesy grits are fantastic, the hubs swears by their shrimp and grits, and, frankly, I could just go on and on. What they do to brussels sprouts is magic. We haven’t had anything that could even be construed as “just okay” – everything here is delicious.
The desserts are made in-house – unless the chef’s made them at home the night before. His key lime pie is, literally, to die for, the best I have EVER had. They don’t have it all the time, but if they do, grab your slice early.

And the drinks. Their prices are normal drink prices. The GLASSES, however, are not. I ordered a mint julep on Easter and it was so large and properly made that I couldn’t finish it all. When the Old Vinings Inn makes you a drink, darn it, you get a DRINK.

I could go on raving about their specials and events and so on, but the bottom line is that this is my favorite “nice meal out” restaurant in Atlanta and if I could swing eating there weekly I would. Whether you live in the Greater Atlanta Metro or are just visiting, make sure to put The Old Vinings Inn on your list of places to patronize.


5 Stars out of 5

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