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Editor Note: I can attest to everything Gini has written in this review.

The food is great, the folks are fab, and it is close to the airport.

If you have a long layover in Atlanta, it is worth going out and catching an Uber over there to try some great cajun food. The Bread pudding is seriously wonderful.

Take it away, Gini.



Louisiana Bistreaux by Gini Koch

Going to Atlanta’s airport is the definition of the 5th level of Hell. The airport itself is great, but the traffic there and back is not. The surrounding areas are exactly what surrounds most airports. Meaning that dropping by to see friends with a long layover should mean that you have to hang out IN the airport and that if someone lands during dinner hour, you’re all going to wait until well after 9pm to eat.

But, you have an option. A delicious one, too.

Where we’re taking all friends with long layovers, or those who arrive during lunch, brunch, or dinner times, is the Louisiana Bistreaux. (There are two locations, but we haven’t had reason to go to Decatur yet, so haven’t tried the location there.)

Located in College Park, it’s literally three minutes from the airport. It’s also excellent. The food is fantastic. The owners are from New Orleans, so they know what they’re preparing. Their fried okra made me like okra for the first time in my life. Their po’boys are huge and delicious, and anything and everything else we’ve had has been great, too.

I can’t handle spicy anything, so I have to be careful, but there are plenty of items on the menu that I can eat or that they’re willing to alter for me to be able to eat. And for those who don’t have spice restrictions? The sky’s the limit.

The restaurant is comfy, the staff is really friendly, the service is great, and the location can’t be beat for anything airport related. If you’re anywhere near the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the Louisiana Bistreaux should be on your itinerary.

5 Stars out of 5


Restaurant info

Open Daily
11am — 11pm


Twitter: CajunCreoleATL

Atlanta Airport Area
1375 Virginia Avenue
East Point, GA 30344
☎: 404-762-6755

Decatur at N. Decatur Rd
1496 Church Street, E-G
Decatur, GA 30030
☎: 404-963-1463

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  1. Trevoire winbush Avatar
    Trevoire winbush

    [Edited]The Decatur site needs much work, I’ll try it again one day but not now. Food was not good to me at all. I’m from New Orleans and I know NOLA food. The gumbo was like paste. Now the airport was very good, they should go teach them the ways of NOLA food. It is not the Recipes but the cooks, they’re not getting it.


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