Dr. Zombie – Monster Family Physician #2

Dr. Zombie: Monster Family Physician

The concept is that Dr. Zombie is a monster family physician, because the mad science lab doesn’t pay much and he has to a do a day job to fund his passion.

We hope you enjoy this bizarre journey of cartooning and comedy.


Dr. Zombie – Monster Family Physician #2 


Tommy Cannon Comments:
When I first saw the image of a mouth coming out of a mouth of one of those Xenomorphs from the ‘Alien’ film franchise. I was very young, impressionable. I knew it was art. I knew that there was an artist named H.R. Giger who designed that stuff. Yet, it still creeped me out. This was in the 1980s, when the D.A.R.E. program was happening at my school, and I once wondered, “What drug did H.R. Giger no say NO to when he was making that?”.

Dr. Zombie Cartoon © Tommy Cannon

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