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Missing for four months, Kate returns with no memory of her ordeal and little memory of her life before. As the walls between her increasingly erratic dissociations and reality crumble, she starts to question her memories, her relationships, and the nature of the most fundamental of human emotions, love. She reorders the pieces of her life to form her own mosaic from the jumble, and in doing so, is left to wonder who is truly the victim and who is truly the villain.



Bluebird Trailer from Matthew Hardstaff on Vimeo.


About the Film

‘Bluebird’ is a psychological thriller exploring the nature of identity and the role past experiences play in our emotional connections. After a small but successful festival run where it won best director at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, it is now available on Vimeo On Demand for your viewing pleasure.


Natasha Allan
Randy Thomas
Gillian Hutchison
Geoff Hymers
Brandon Brophy

Directed By
Matthew Hardstaff

Screenplay By
Matthew Hardstaff

Produced By
Jason Kennedy


Where to find Bluebird

Vimeo on Demand link:

Facebook Page:




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