Tuck In for Tea at Tuck Shop

Yes, I know this is our second review of Tuck Shop but they offer several dining options, from Brunch to Tea to Dinner, all unique.

And it is just that darn good.

This time we take a look at Tea at Tuck Shop


Tuck Shop

2245 n. 12th street
phoenix, az 85006

As mentioned last time, Tuck Shop is located in one of the Historic Neighborhood of Central Phoenix. They are right on the corner of 12th Street and Oak on the round about or as some in the UK have called it, a Piccadilly Circus. The exterior of the building belies the deliciousness inside.

Several weeks ago on Saturday, we were joined by Ben’s Mom for Afternoon Tea at Tuck Shop. Tea is only served on Saturday between 12:00 and 3:00 PM and by reservation only. Sorry we don’t have photos. Next time.

As always the staff greeting you at the door is genuinely excited to see you. We were seated at a table that was already decorated for Tea and were given menu’s featuring the teas available. This is one of the most impressive selections of tea I have ever seen. There were twenty plus varieties as well as several we were told of that were off-menu. We have learned that Tuck Shop uses some of the finest ingredients and loves to have surprises in the back for the right occasion. Grace has confided that she has quite a few off-menu wines in the back just in case. 😉

We made a selection of the Buckingham Palace tea to start. This is the tea that the Queen drinks. It was quite good. There are quite a number of ways to make tea, of which most don’t allow for the full flavor of the tea to come through. At Tuck Shop they employ the tried and true method of heating the teapot with hot water while the water is boiling. The tea is then placed in the teapot and boiling water is poured over the tea. It is left to steep for a bit and then brought to the table. A strainer is provided with each place setting to strain the leaves. All I can say is the tea was perfect. Later we did also try a pot of the English Breakfast Tea and I had a pot of the Lapsang Souchong, a very smoky flavored tea.

As we were enjoying our first cup of tea, a three tier serving tray was brought out with fresh made scones, tea sandwiches, eclairs, and several other lovely pastries. The scones were served with strawberry jam and Devonshire Cream. The Tea Sandwiches were egg salad, salmon, and I believe Roast Beef (I’m old, I can’t remember). (Grace or Georgia correct me if I am wrong). There were only a few on the tray when it was brought out and I was a little disappointed but, all I had to do was ask and they brought more (several times). They were soooo good. The scones were perfect and the pastries were luscious.

It was a very relaxing experience as we had the place pretty much to ourselves with no rush. The staff was in the back making preparations for dinner and checked on us regularly.

I would say this Afternoon Tea experience was one of the finest out there. And it is much more accessible to us everyday folk, you don’t even have to dress up if you don’t want to. Then there is the price, it is very reasonable for the quality and service you receive. If you want Afternoon Tea that is stellar without all the fuss, Tuck Shop is for you.

Restaurant Info

2245 n. 12th street
​phoenix, az 85006

Twitter: tuckinphx

dinner | tuesday – saturday: 5pm – 10pm
brunch | saturday & sunday: 9am – 2pm
afternoon tea | saturday: 12pm – 3pm




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