Dr. Zombie – Monster Family Physician #12

Dr. Zombie: Monster Family Physician

The concept is that Dr. Zombie is a monster family physician, because the mad science lab doesn’t pay much and he has to a do a day job to fund his passion.

We hope you enjoy this bizarre journey of cartooning and comedy.

Dr. Zombie – Monster Family Physician #12

When I posted our first ghost cartoon with Dr. Zombie, I mentioned my Halloween story of 1984. Well, that inspired the look of the ghost in this week’s comic. I dressed to look like him, like my imaginary friend Ghosty. We didn’t know I was on the schizo-spectrum yet. We just called him my imaginary friend. Also, this week’s cartoon was inspired by my wife and sister-in-law discussing the thread counts of bed sheets. OOOoo! TERRIFYING! Thank you for reading. Enjoy!br

Dr. Zombie Cartoon © Tommy Cannon

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