Beware! Fred the Mustard Packet Is In The Wild!


The Two Gay Geeks have received our copies of “Fred the Mustard Packet Does the Scottish Play” and wanted to let you know that you too can have your very own copy.

Ours were part of the Kickstarter that our good friend and contributor Tommy Cannon ran to get it published.

See below for more information:


One of our copies

With the Kickstarter successfully completed and books published and delivered worldwide, Tommy Cannon has informed us that there are several copies available for purchase.

Where, you may ask? At Amazon, of course. (The world’s marketplace…)

If you are reading this and wondering just what the heck we are talking about, here is an explanation of what “Fred the Mustard Packet does the Scottish Play” is all about.

Here are Tommy’s very words on the subject:

This story is inspired, slightly, by real life. But, it spins out of reality very quickly. The graphic novel takes the simple idea of a corndog shack competing with a pizza parlor and heightening it to the level of cosmic calamity.

Inspired by reality? Yes, early in our married life, my wife and I went to the NJ/NY area to see my East Coast family. We spent an evening in NYC and took in a Broadway show. It was her first time seeing a Broadway show, and she LOVES the theatre. We were enticed by the ads we saw for a one-person performance of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. It had good reviews. We took our seats. Show time! A muddy performance instills boredom. She fell asleep a couple of times. And, we lament that we didn’t go to see “Kinky Boots”.

I was so upset that my wife’s first Broadway show left her insanely bored that I spent a couple of years writing and illustrating a comic book about a sentient mustard packet attempting to do that same show himself. It is my firm belief that my ridiculous comic book is more lively than the performance we saw in NYC that night.

In this tale I promise a roller coaster of narrative action unlike any that you’ve experienced before.

Here is a link to our interview with Tommy about Fred.

Order your very own Kindle version below:

Or, if you prefer a Paperback copy to hold in your hands:

Tommy has a talent for bringing the absurd to life in a very humorous way with his many characters in the Fred cartoons as well as his feature here at TG Geeks, Dr. Zombie – Monster Family Physician.
Please pick up a copy of “Fred the Mustard Packet does the Scottish Play”. It really is a scream and a half. Aaaah! A! 😉

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