“Leap” – A Superhero Suicide Prevention Comic by Cory Sigle-Oliver

The Two Gay Geeks learned about a young man deployed in Kuwait who has created a KickStarter campaign around Suicide Prevention.

We talk to him in an interview below.

Please consider supporting his Kickstarter campaign.


Suicide Prevention Superhero Comic: Leap

Kickstarter Link

Quote form Cory about the Comic:

I started writing Leap 2 years ago after the death of my teacher, Patrick J. Mulvaney. he committed suicide 3 years ago. I went away for the army and still had all these emotions I didn’t let out and I put it into a comic and created the super hero that we know to become Leap.

About the Comic:

The story starts about a year after Selena, Patrick’s fiance commits suicide. Still heavily grieving we follow Patrick through his grieving process which brings him to become a super hero to prevent suicides.

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