Black Angus – Phoenix Metrocenter | Still A Good Choice Among the Crowd

The Two gay Geeks took Andrea and Duncan Rittschof out to Black Angus for Andrea’s birthday on Sunday evening.


Below is my review of our experience.


Black Angus Steakhouse

Black Angus Steakhouse has been around for a very long time and still competes in the market today, especially at the location in Phoenix at MetroCenter. There are three steakhouses lined up in a row and they all seem to stay busy. Our visit Sunday night for our staff writer/ contributor, Andrea’s birthday dinner was no exception. While they were not slammed busy, the parking lot was adequately populated and there were quite a few diners inside. We did not, however, have to wait for a table to be seated which was great.

We were seated and the waitress came by rather quickly to take our drink order and inform us of some specials. She did have a couple of other tables, one being a party of 8, but that did not hamper her in serving us. We ordered our drinks and chatted as we looked over the menus. When she brought our drinks I ordered a couple of appetizers to give her some room to finish up with the large table before we ordered and also to make sure we had time to eat said appetizers before our food started arriving. (small two step soapbox… one thing that will immediately sour me on a restaurant is to get your food order moments after an appetizer arrives. ‘nuff said.)

The two appetizers were the Garlic Cheese Bread (who can pass that up?) and the Spinach Artichoke Dip with Tortilla Chips. The cheese bread was a nice quarter of a loaf with a good amount of cheese and spices cooked just to browned. The Artichoke dip was nice a bubbly when it arrived and had a wonderful parmesan and bread crumb crust. We all seemed to enjoy both since there was nothing left.

When we did order Andrea and Duncan both ordered the Top Sirloin with baked potato and salad, Ben ordered the Crispy Shrimp with Green Beans and Cole Slaw, and I ordered the New York Strip with Baked Potato and Wedge Salad. The waitress confirmed the cooked temperatures with us and also that the green beans were cooked with Bacon and that our salads would arrive prior to our meals. (another nit-pick with some restaurants)

The salads arrived and were as expected, the house salad was a mix of field greens with dressing and the wedge salad was a wedge with Blue Cheese crumbles, Blue Cheese dressing, bacon, and tomatoes. The wedge was a little misshapen but you can’t have a perfect wedge every time…

Our meals arrived in just the right amount of time after we finished our salads. The waitress asked us to cut into the steaks to be sure they were cooked appropriately, they were. My Strip was nicely cut (unlike another place not to be named…) and cooked to perfection. I really like a NY Strip because it one of those steaks that has a good flavor and feel to the tooth as well as the fat, if trimmed and cooked properly, is one of the best parts. Occasionally, I will get a sauce or some other topping for a strip but ask that it be on the side because the steak by itself is so good. The baked potato was a nice smaller potato , not a massive thing that takes over the plate and I asked for all of the toppings to be on the side. I like to “fix” my potato a certain way to combine the flavors rather than have everything just piled on it. Everyone elses meal appeared to be acceptable and Ben even commented that the shrimp were exception as well as the green beans.

Since it was Andrea’s birthday she got one of their “Chocolate Chip Cowboy Cookies” with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Duncan ordered the “new” Butter Cake with Strawberries, and Ben and I shared the Big Mountain Chocolate Fudge Cake (that was enough for four people). By the time we walked out we were all stuffed.

Even though Black Angus has been through several different owners over the years they still provide a quality product at a reasonable price. Yes, there are a few things that have crept in that smack of over corporatizing menu items but the basic idea of the restaurant chain – Cooking Quality Steaks, is still what they are good at. The food was good, the company even better, and the service was exceptional.

I forgot to take any photos (silly me) so, the photo in the article is courtesy Black Angus. We did have several of those items.

About Black Angus

Their Motto:

so you could say we know a thing or two. Our cuts are aged
at least 21 days, seasoned to excellence, expertly flame-grilled
and served up just the way you like it. You’ve earned
it. Whether you’re here to throw back a couple with old
friends or trying to finish off the High Noon Feast on your
own, there’s always a seat for you. So here’s to the nights
you can’t remember and the steaks you won’t forget.

10021 Metro Parkway E
Phoenix, AZ


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  1. Corey Nelson Avatar
    Corey Nelson

    Comforting to know that Black Angus still stands up over time. It’s my favorite place, especially when eating with others. Cute that you like to fix your own potato, I totally get that.

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