A Geeks Guide to Cross Stitch | A Review

The Two Gay Geeks received a request from our good friends at Fanbase Presss to review “A Geeks Guide to Cross Stitch” and didn’t know how we were going to do that since I haven’t done cross stitch in 30 years and then wasn’t very good at it, and Ben doesn’t even know how to spell cross stitch. So, I turned to our group of geeky friends, name and female, to search out the one who would be good for this review. I finally found Dee Astell, who agreed to take it on among her million other projects. Yay! Thank you Dee.
Here it is:


A Geeks Guide to Cross Stitch

A Review by Dee Astell

A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch: Journeys in Space by Clarissa Thorne is a good book for beginners to experienced cross stitchers. It covers what materials you’ll need to start, how to read a pattern, how to prep your material and even how to properly thread your needle.

There are 25 original space patterns, several NASA mission related, with palette keys and design specs included.

This book has detailed instructions, with clear pictures and tips on how to complete each design. Each pattern lets you know what skill level it was created for. Some of the designs are helpful in teaching basic cross-stitching skills to beginners. It also includes a detailed index of floss colors used for each pattern.

I really liked how this book was set up. I’m someone who occasionally does cross-stitch and, through reading this book, I learned some new stitches and picked up some valuable tips for future projects.

If you are a cross-stitching space geek who would like to create some fun creations or a novice who would like to learn more about cross-stitch, I would recommend this book to you.


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