Black River Meadow Releases Today

The Two Gay Geeks are pleased to announce the release of a new film by Dark Valley Productions called Black River Meadow.
Dark Valley Productions is the production company of Gareth David-Lloyd of Torchwood and I Am Alone fame.
Have a look at the press release below.


Black River Meadow

“Beneath the mist, among the embers, lies Black River Meadow and its damned descendants”

The opening episode of Gareth David-Lloyd’s web horror/drama ‘Black River Meadow’ went in front of the camera 24th and 25th February 2018.

Gareth was guided by co-executive producer Robin Bell whose horror anthology ‘Twisted Showcase’ has previously earned a place on The Guardian’s top 25 web series list.

Gareth was assisted by Rhys Jones whose short film ‘Rory Romantic’ has just won Best Sci-Fi Short at the 2018 New York Film Festival.

The first episode titled ‘The Hiding’ is set for release later this summer. It was funded via a KickStarter campaign and secured it’s £5,000 budget in November 2017

There will be more news in the coming weeks as publicity images are finalised and a short promo video is constructed but here we provide an exclusive first look at the otherworldly series and a glimpse behind the scenes.

Check this Youtube Link for access to Episode 1 of Black River Meadow

Cast and Crew

Richie – Jamie Kenna
Elerie – Rachel Dunston
David – Gareth David-Lloyd
Lowri – Introducing Lily Lloyd

Executive Producers – Gareth David-Lloyd & Robin Bell
Writer – Gareth David-Lloyd
Director – Gareth David-Lloyd
Director of Photography – Leonie Abisgold-Raynor
Assistant Director – Rhys Jones
Designer – Livy Cheung
Costume Designer – Jordan Graff
Make up Designer – Jordan Graff
Prosthetics – Jordan Graff
Sound – Andrew White
Music – Nicolas Harrison
Editors – Gareth David-Lloyd and Leonie Abisgold-Raynor

Quotes from Cast & Crew

Rachel Dunston – “Ep1 of Black River Meadow was full of fun and laughter on set, and the extremely talented cast and crew made stepping into my character’s shoes so much more enjoyable. It was a privilege to bring Gareth’s vision to life and I can’t wait for audiences to explore the mysteries that Black River Meadow possesses.”

Leonie Abisgold-Raynor – “Black River Meadow has got to be one of the weirdest shoots I’ve ever done. But easily the most fun. From being pushed around in a wheelchair as a gimbal. To huddling around a light for warmth.”

Jordan Graff – “My experience on Black River Meadow was absolutely amazing. Everyone on set behind the scenes and on camera were unbelievably talented and I cannot wait to work with everyone again. I was also really able to push my sfx prosthetic skills and have a lot of fun at the same time”

Livy Cheung – “Working with a crew all equally passionate about the project made for a productive and wonderful working environment. I was able to push myself to create something that was beyond my expectations and I look forward to the next episodes to really help me grow.”

Gareth David Lloyd – “You get a very special and humbling feeling when a team of great talent comes together and builds a world that previously only existed in your head.”

Rhys Jones – “Fantastic cast & crew who worked hard to achieve the producers vision. Hard few days work but with hard laughter on set – looking forward to Ep2.”

For interviews contact Robin or Gareth.

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