News Sushi: Morsels of News from Japan and Beyond #36

Editor Note: As of this publication, our dear Hamish is a little under the weather. We wish him a speedy healing and time to rest.
It is Friday and that means it is time for the World Famous, soon to be Intergalactic Famous, News Sushi from our very own, Hamish Downie. Hamish brings us a decidedly different slant on Pop Culture as viewed through the lens of a non-native living in Japan.
Thank you Hamish, for your insights.



Why Hello Again! I’m back with some more links to a warren of rabbit holes for you today… let’s get to it!

NEWS SUSHI… Everything is a remix

I watched this web series recently and wanted to share it with all of you. It’s really interesting, and has some ideas about intellectual property and creativity that we all need to think about.

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

There are at least 4 parts to the series, and some extra episodes if you look at the vimeo page, and I really recommend you go down the rabbit hole with this one…


Thank you to this article for my inspiration.


“Square Garden” by Hamish Downie

In his square garden,
Marvelling at a rose;
A bee stings his little brown nose,
and he stands in a funny pose,
as he grows,
into a man.


The secret to success in the entertainment industry…
There is no secret. Listen to this guy. It’s fantastic. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn. It doesn’t mean you should give up. Just know that the whole thing is insane, and that you should worry more about enjoying the ride than getting to the destination.

I think the crucial question is how you define success. This is a talent-based industry. A good writer is nothing without good actors, a good director, good cinematographer, good editor, etc.
Any one of those not being there can bring a script down. So sure, luck it is. But when someone asks “what’s the secret to success” which is clearly an impossible question, I think what they’re really asking is: “What can I do to improve my chances of success?”
To which there are many better answers than cross your fingers and keep trying.
Read more:

Is your attitude affecting your career?


6 screenwriting lessons from Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) –


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