TG Geeks Holiday Publishing

As everyone gears up for the holiday season, we wanted to give you an update as to what we will be doing during this time.

This year has seen some tremendous growth for our brand and for the website. Previously, Ben and Keith were the primary contributors/ correspondents/ writers for the website as well as producers of the podcast. Everything began to change right after San Diego Comicon when we brought on Ro as a contributor for additional content. Since that time Gini Koch has joined us as a correspondent for a wide variety of content. In late February or early March we decided to bite the bullet and start publishing content on a daily basis. Did we even have a clue what we were getting into?

As time went on we saw Hamish Downie join us for his wildly popular News Sushi. The content he produces for us is absolutely a delight to read.

We added good friend of the show, Andrea Rittschof, whom we had met through Gini. That has been a great addition for us to cover some of the press screenings we can’t make it to. Then we added several special correspondents in Tom Leveen with his reviews, Patricia Chica as our foreign talent liaison, and Neal Hallford as our industry relations representative. And last but not least we added Tommy Cannon as a contributor with his very popular Dr. Zombie Monster Family Physician cartoon and writer of extemporaneous material. We have had a few individuals who have provided one-off contributions as well and we thank them for helping us succeed.

We have even produced an episode of our podcast every week for two years. Now, it is time to take a little break. That is NOT to say we will not be publishing daily or releasing a podcast every week. We planned ahead and have been feverishly recording interviews to have content for the podcast. We have also planned for the daily publishing by making our contributors crazy and ourselves in the process.

How have we done that you may ask? Well, we decided that we would publish reviews of some of the old Christmas Classic films as well as some of the off-beat films and even some films that have a very loose almost tenuous association with the holidays. We (Ben and Keith) usually try to get through most of our holiday films we have collected over the years but never started watching so early… And to think we made our contributors do that too. I hope we haven’t ruined the holidays for everyone.

We have enough content to publish something every day until the first week in January and enough episodes recorded for that time period as well. We do have some changes we will be making to the website and the podcast to reflect the new year and to make the site a little more accessible.

Stay Tuned and THANK YOU ALL for continuing to support us.

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