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The Two Gay Geeks and our Staff are taking a much needed break from Thanksgiving through the end of the year, but we still wanted to have content for you to read during that time. As such we got busy and watched all of our favorite holiday videos. Some are classics and others are off-beat and loosely associated with the holidays. We hope you enjoy our offerings and that you holiday season is safe, sane, and satisfying.

Female Trouble

By Hamish Downie

Well, perhaps I have the cure…

First is John Water’s “Female Trouble” [link NSFW]

This film was Waters’ follow up to his surprise hit Pink Flamingos and reunites the actors from that film. It follows the life of Dawn Davenport (played by Divine), a delinquent high-school student, who flees the house after not getting what she wanted for Christmas. She hitchhikes a ride with a lecherous man, Earl Peterson, who puts her into “female trouble” i.e. gets her pregnant and the shenanigans and her life of crime begins.

The famous scene where Dawn doesn’t get her Cha Cha heels has inspired this musical number from RuPaul’s Drag Race:

And even Catwoman herself (Eartha Kitt) has carried the torch of the film in this 1989 Hi-NRG dance song with Bronski Beat:

The song was originally written for Divine, but he passed away before getting the chance to record it.

Second in our demented Christmas special is Welcome to Woop Woop. The 1997 film was the follow-up to Stephan Elliott’s worldwide phenomenon, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. While it wasn’t nearly as successful, it has developed a cult following (of which I am a member), and now, I’m inviting you to join our little group.

It features Aussie legend, Rod Taylor, and Maggie Kirkpatrick (Prisoner: Cell Block H), and cameos from just about every Australian actor ever. A con artist (played by the hot guy in How to make and American Quilt, Jonathon Schaech), escapes a deal gone wrong in New York and winds up in the Australian outback in a bizarre town whose inhabitants are an oddball collection were the outrageous is ordinary and lunacy is a way of life.

You’re either going to love this film, or hate me for recommending it… but, it does have a fun Christmas scene in it, and features Rod Taylor dancing:

And the music of Rogers and Hammerstein…

It’s incredible!

Now, in case you need some fashion advice… here’s Chloe’s 12 Days of Christmas…

Finally, I’ll leave you with this song from Fred Schneider & The Superions Crummy Christmas Tree.

Have a great season!

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