News Sushi #48: Morsels of News from Japan and Beyond


News Sushi #48
Editor Note:It is Friday and that means it is time for the World Famous, soon to be Intergalactic Famous, News Sushi from our very own, Hamish Downie. Hamish brings us a decidedly different slant on Pop Culture as viewed through the lens of a non-native living in Japan.

Thank you Hamish, for your insights.



Hello everyone, how has your week been? I’m doing alright… feeling a bit like this… (which will explain this weird column…)


Making a film is like a dream…

And I can’t wait to finish mine! It certianly isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m enjoying every minute of it. Let’s have some music!

Nothing to do with Japan… but it was recently Australia Day, and yours truly spent it again in the freezing cold… while I might feel a bit left out, I’m really glad I wasn’t at this bbq!

4 years ago I shared Australia day with 5 other mates in Iceland and created this picture that we'll never forget.

You might be thinking that this website is starting to eat itself (we really are a ragtag team brought together by the combined powers of the Two Gay Geeks)… but, I’d like to congratulate Tommy Cannon on producing half a year of content (not an easy task)! Let’s hear it for the boy!



Can you help restore this Japanese Cult film?

From the Kickstarter page:

“To Sleep so as to Dream” is a Japanese film that was produced by Eizo Tanteisha and distributed for release in theaters by Cine Saison in 1986. At the time of its production, director Kaizo Hayashi was just 29 and had no experience on the set of a film. Set in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1955, the monochrome, silent film tells the story of a detective. After completing his directorial debut, Hayashi went on to create his Mike Hammer series, Cat’s Eye, and many more detective films, capturing the spirit and essence of the early days of his career. Oh and let’s not forget to mention that Kaizo Hayashi also directed The Power Rangers Time Force Episodes 3 & 4, Ransik Lives and A Blue Streak!


HOTTIE of the WEEK – SK Low


I’ll leave you with a great little entry from the web series “The Wheel”:

A lovely coming out story between a brother and a sister.

From the youtube site: “A very close brother and a sister take a ride on a Ferris wheel they used to ride together often in their childhood. The sister has long been keeping a secret from her brother, and decides it’s time to come out.”

For more, please check out –

And here’s a cooking hack for making poached eggs…


Another life hack… it’s in his kiss 😉

And with that… it’s by for now!

Leaving on an old train…

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