Dr. Zombie Cartoons Coming in Book Form | Tommy Cannon on Kickstarter

The Two Gay Geeks received the press release below about Dr. Zombie less than 30 minutes ago.

We are very proud to have Tommy on board with his Dr. Zombie – Monster Family Physician Cartoon. It has been a wonderful addition to our site and made us chuckle on more than one occasion.

Dr. Zombie will be gracing the pages of a book soon.

Be sure to check out the link below and support the Kickstarter by our very own Tommy Cannon.


Tommy Cannon aka Dr. Zombie in both dimensions

Dr. Zombie: Monster Family Physician COMIC BOOK


Phoenix, AZ – February 4th, 2019 – The Two Gay Geeks gave Tommy the opportunity of a lifetime: to have a weekly webcomic hosted on their spectacular website. The result was “Dr. Zombie: Monster Family Physician”. Dr. Zombie is a character that Tommy has been using for years in various ways. He has hosted film screenings and performed stand-up comedy. Tommy even designed a card game and created an anthology comic for Kindle with the creepy Doctor. With “Dr. Zombie: Monster Family Physician”, Tommy gets to show Dr. Zombie in uncomfortable situations trying to be caring to the monsters that visit his office.

It is a gag comic. It’s a new joke on every page. Various monsters, space-aliens, robots, and mythological beings are represented in these 32 pages. Join us on the journey into terror… and comedy.

Risks and Challenges

After Tommy completed his solo Kickstarter of the original graphic novel, “Fred the Mustard Packet Does the Scottish Play”, he learned how to streamline the shipping process. Risks involved are printers breaking down and deadlines being missed. We will counter that by having more than one printer ready to work. Our challenge is in getting product in a prompt manner and sending it out the door within the same day.

Click the link below to support Tommy Cannon. You can get in for as little as $2 up to $25 and there is even an option to have Dr. Zombie perform at your event (Maricopa County, AZ only)


Click the above link to check it out. It’s a 32 page collection of “Dr. Zombie: Monster Family Physician”. It’s a new gag on every page featuring Dr. Zombie doing his best to care for his monstrous patients. Horror, Sci-Fi, and Comedy come together in the fine project.

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