TG Geeks Welcomes Al Sparrow to our Contributing Staff

The Two Gay Geeks are pleased to welcome Al Sparrow to our contributing staff.
We met Al through Dave Beaty and their collaborative effort, “Red Skirts”, and struck up a friendship.
Al is a talented comic book writer, letterer, and artist with some of his art being a little out there and some might say weird but it fits with us since we are a little warped.
Al has a number of ideas of things he can contribute to TG Geeks, all of which sound perfect for our corner of the geekosphere.

We look forward to Al’s first contribution so, keep checking here on the site.

Join us in welcoming Al Sparrow to the TG Geeks Family.


Al “Alabama” Sparrow wears a number of hats. Writer, artist, letterer, reviewer, and at one time, obituary writer. He’s the writer of the popular indie comics Thugs! (with artist Stephen Reid) and Red Skirts (with artist Dave Beaty). He’s also the writer/artist/everything else on Barbrabarian, as well as the forthcoming Harrier and Nightingale, and Twitch. He resides in Arizona with his longsuffering wife as well as a Basenji and three cats who are plotting to kill him. He’s played bass in a number of bands and has an addiction for just about any type of stringed instrument. 




We may be having a few more announcements coming so, keep checking back.

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