“Out Here in Kansas” Short Film Available on Amazon Video

The Two Gay Geeks received a message for the Twitter account for Out Here in Kansas asking if we could share their film.

I got busy researching and put this press release together about this important conversation to the LGBTQ+ Community.

Have a look below and go watch the film.


Out Here in Kansas Available on Amazon Video


“Out Here in Kansas” is a short film about the life of physician Burt Humburg, a small-town Kansas kid who came out of the closet after becoming an All-American college football player, and his former pastor, Joe Wright, who was instrumental in making gay marriage unlawful in the state of Kansas.

It was shot on location in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. We would like to express a special thanks to KPTS Channel 8 in Wichita.

The film is based on a pair of news articles, published 14-years apart, by longtime journalist Adam Knapp.




OHiK Trailer from Kenneth Linn on Vimeo.


About the Film

Why would someone choose to be gay? And why would they do it in Kansas, a state notoriously tough on gay people?

That was the driving force behind Out Here In Kansas, the directorial debut of longtime journalist Adam Knapp. In the 32-minute documentary, Knapp explores the tumultuous relationship between Christians and the LGBT community.

The documentary centers around three people:
• Burt Humburg, a fundamentalist Christian who realized he was gay as he was winding up his career as an All-American football player.
• Joe Wright, Burt and Adam’s former pastor, who was instrumental in making gay marriage illegal in Kansas.
• Adam Knapp himself, who felt God put him in a unique position to seek answers from the polar opposites and tell their story.

Knapp arranged for Humburg and Wright to have a discussion. It was the first time they’d interacted in nearly 20 years. In the meantime, Knapp unexpectedly became part of the story.


Where to watch Out Here in Kansas

Amazon Prime Video

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About Adam Knapp


Most of Adam’s professional years have been spent in a decade-plus at The Wichita Eagle, where he won numerous newsroom and regional honors and landed national sportswriting awards in 1999, 2002 and 2005.

As a journalist he’s covered more than 300 Wichita State basketball games, from New York to Seattle to the Virgin Islands. His coverage included the Final Four season of 2013, when he was working for KWCH 12 Eyewitness News.

Adam’s first attempt at screenwriting, a dark comedy called “Cinderella Boy,” advanced to the quarterfinals of Final Draft’s Big Break contest. “Brain of Burt” is the first film he’s directed.

Twitter @realadamknapp



Learn more about the film

The film is loosely based on a pair of news articles, published 14 years apart. Both were written by Adam Knapp, a journalist who spent more than a decade as an award-winning sportswriter for The Wichita Eagle. He eventually wrote the screenplay for Out Here In Kansas, making several massive changes after shooting began on the documentary.

Website: http://outhereinkansas.com
Twitter: @outhereinkansas
Instagram: @outhereinkansas
Facebook: OutHereInKansas
IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5839198/?ref_=ttmi_tt

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