Roman Media’s 5th Annual Hollywood Event | TG Geeks Special Coverage

TG Geeks on the Red Carpet!

Editor Note: Well…. TG Geeks was represented on a red carpet by our special LA correspondent DaVette See and her photographer Rob See.

We had the honor of being invited to the Roman Media 5th Annual Hollywood Event (Pre Awards Event), but were unable to attend ourselves so we sent our good friend and special correspondent DaVette See in our place.

Roman Media (IMDb Pro Link) is the production company of Michelle Romano (IMDb Link)(interviewed in Episode 208), an up and coming powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Michelle has acted in, written, produced, and directed films across multiple genres and recently was accepted into the Producers Guild of America. She is someone to watch.

Michelle Romano

Every year for the past 5 years Michelle, along with her production company Roman Media, has hosted a Hollywood Event to celebrate Oscar nominees. This year was at the Saint Felix right in the heart of Hollywood.

Numerous Oscar nominees were in attendance for the red carpet and a few interviews.

Our first interview is with Patricia Chica, (IMDb Link) one of the co-hosts of the event.

Patricia Chica



For our next interview, we have several cast members from the Oscar nominated short film Skin (IMDb Link)



Johnse Allende Jr.



We also have the Visual Effects Producer, Bryce Nielsen (IMDb Link) from the Oscar Nominated Roma (IMDb Link)


The weather was cool but that didn’t stop the guests from having their moment on the red carpet.
Below are just some of the guests in attendance:

Camille James Harman




Thank you to Roman Media, Michelle Romano, and Patricia Chica for letting us be a part of this outstanding event.




We were honored to be a part of the festivities and can’t wait for the next event.

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