<Rod Serling Voice>Imagine if you will, two incompetent men who are completely down on their luck. In another reality they might as well be unemployed actors such as Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin. Their lives are a tragedy based on poor knowledge, bad choices, and the constant screwing up of words in the English language. Now these two losers are planning a heist that can only find them in…</Rod Serling Voice>

This amusing short film is the brainchild of Tom Cavanagh who wrote and directed it and also acts alongside The Flash star Grant Gustin, only these two guys are no where near anything from what we have seen of them before. It’s questionable as to who is the bigger idiot, but one thing is for sure and that is they belong together like a poor man’s Abbott and Costello.

From a technical perspective this is a very slick short film. Smart camera angles and editing help to keep the viewer engaged during the “quiet” moments. With quality like this it is this critic’s hope that Cavanagh continues to direct and hopefully make an indie feature film some day. As for the acting, it can be really difficult to play a convincingly idiotic person, and yet both Cavanagh and Gustin nail it. I admit to having a difficult time separating them from the roles they are currently famous for, but they were highly entertaining here nonetheless. It is a very refreshing reminder that these two actors have talent in what they can do, and while the characters they play on The Flash do allow them some acting range, it is really pleasing to see them act in roles that are totally outside of anything familiar.


For its utter lunacy Tom and Grant receives 5 out of 5 Jazz Hands, and you can quote me verbatim!

TOM and GRANT from Tom and Grant on Vimeo.

Tom and Grant can be found on Vimeo On Demand.

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