TG Geeks Welcomes Michael Hickerson as a Contributor

The Two Gay Geeks want to give a hearty welcome to Michael Hickerson aka “Hicks”.

We met Michael in the way back days pre-TG Geeks on another show that had Sci-Fi in the name… where he was the News Director and occasional commentator. It was a big job coming up with enough news each week to fill five shows but he managed to do it and find some fascinating things for us all to talk about.

We look forward to his insights into Pop Culture and all things Doctor Who and Star Trek.

Welcome Aboard, Michael!


Michael Hickerson Bio:

Michael Hickerson is a self-proclaimed geek and avid pop-culture consumer whose DVR is nearly always full and his to-be-read list on Goodreads keeps growing instead of shrinking. When he’s not introducing his daughter to things like Star Trek, Doctor Who, or Happy Days, he’s probably watching his alma mater, the University of Tennessee, in some type of athletic competition.

You can follow Michael on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He does warn you that his Twitter feed tends to get very active during Tennessee sports and his Facebook and Instagram feeds feature lots of pictures of his family and the cats.

Find Michael on Facebook here
Twitter here
Instagram here


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