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Editor Note: Gini has several things she is eagerly awaiting, movie-wise and she is going to share some short little pieces of wisdom for you, our readers (and her fans) in these Can’t wait for segments.

The Live Action Aladdin from Disney set to hit theaters soon.

Let’s see what Gini has to say.

Please let us know in the comments below if you are excited about this movie and your thoughts.

OMG. I wasn’t really excited about this movie…until I saw the trailer. Not only does everything look lush and gorgeous, I cannot wait to see Will Smith as the Genie. No, no one can top Robin Williams, but if anyone can both come close and make this role their own, it’s The Former and Still Reigning Fresh Prince.

I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Abu and Raja – would they be too cutesy for live action? But what I saw made them feel real, even more real than the live action Jungle Book characters did. And the actors portraying Aladdin and Jasmine are attractive while still looking like normal, real people.

The trailer moved this to the top five of my must-see list. I can’t wait to see the whole new world the live action movie has created.

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