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Editor Note: Gini has several things she is eagerly awaiting, movie-wise and she is going to share some short little pieces of wisdom for you, our readers (and her fans) in these Can’t wait for segments.

This time she is excited for Avengers: End Game form Marvel Studios.

Let’s see what Gini has to say.

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The latest, longest trailer has finally made me excited for this movie. I know, I know – how could I NOT be excited, right? Well, it just seemed so…down…in the other trailers, it made me feel less than enthused.

But now, after the latest, longest trailer, I’m excited again. I honestly can’t wait for what’s going to come, even though I dread the fact that the likelihood that Captain America will be the character to die to save everyone seems high. (In case you’re not sure, in the MCU, Cap is my #2, right after Wolverine and tied with Deadpool, especially the Chris Evans version of the character.)

But even if we lose Cap, or Hawkeye (I love Jeremy Renner’s take on Hawkeye, so I don’t want to lose this character, either), or Iron Man (I don’t think we’ll lose Tony Stark because Robert Downey, Jr. is too vital to the success of the MCU for him to be killed off), or any of the others, this is the comics, and that means they can always be resurrected.

Bottom line for me: As long as they bring back Falcon, Black Panther, and Dr. Strange (and we all know that they will), I’ll be good with whatever else happens.
Oh, and I totally believe Loki is alive, well, and going to help save the day. And I’m open to taking bets on this…

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  1. Qwillette Avatar

    Who came first poofs or flerkens? Either way, love these critters.

  2. Gini Koch Avatar

    LOL Algar says Poofs. ;-D

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