Five Questions With… Jeff Junker

Editor Note: Hamish returns with another in his series of Five Questions with…

This time it is Jeff Junker, a fan artist that has literally been making fan art his entire life.

Let’s see what Hamish discovers in his questions. As always, please feel free to comment on this article in the section at the bottom of the page.


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My fanzine artbook is now Available on Amazon

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TGG: We met a few years ago through Brian Krist (of Big Gay Horror Fan fame), but can you please introduce yourself and your website to our readers?

JJ: Well I’m Jeff Logan O’connor a.k.a. Jeff Junker. When I was 15 I created the first LGBTQA+ vampire fanzine (or magazine) & fan club. Its talked about in the book The Vampire Book: Encylopedia of the undead by J.Gordon Melton (under my birth name Jeff Flaster) Since at least 9 years old i’ve loved horror. As of right now you can be kept updated on my facebook:
“BroodingRant Press – Jeff Logan O’connor offical group page” -

TGG: You’ve now created a book with the descriptive title “Queer Punk Horror Art”. Can you tell us what inspired you to create this book and what it’s about?

JJ: Since I was 15 I have been producing fanzines (independent magazines) some of which focus on horror, and some which focus on punk. I wanted to finally put out a book of the best stuff I created that I still have around. As I have been a nomad much of my life I’ve lost a lot of content.

TGG: Speaking of which, you also have a book called “Life Lessons of a Queer Nomad” also on Amazon. So, how did you first get into horror?

JJ: What made me love horror was when I was 9. I’m 45, and television was filled with such great hosted horror & Trauma movie, and anthology series content. I lived for USA Up All Night. Freddy’s Nightmares, exc….As much as I love all horror genres, horror comedies have had a special place in my heart.

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TGG: There are horror/genre fans in the queer community, but it seems like it’s something we’re “not supposed to like”… why do you think that is, and what is the film that you feel would be the best introduction to horror for a queer newbie?

JJ: I think people are always passing off their opinions, and ideas as what one should like, or support. I’ve always liked what made me laugh, scared, and entertained me. Even when it’s not politically correct. Unfortunately, I haven’t found more then a handful of queer horror themed movies, and series I thought was great. but I’m glad they still try. I look forward to the time when Ill be amazed.

TGG: I totally get what you mean by not wanting to tell people “what to like”… but for anyone looking for a good place to start, we love the queer horror “Bed & Breakfast” [link to review] here at TGG! That plug out of the way… finally where can we support you? (Buy your book, follow you on social media, your website etc)?

JJ: Here is the link to my page

here is the like to my book on Amazon

TGG: Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed today!

JJ: Thanks for the interview & helping a fellow fan out!

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