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Andy Van Scoyoc should be familiar to readers of News Sushi (where this little interview series was spun out from), but this multifaceted woman is so interesting that she warrants not one, not two… but three interviews! So, you might guess that I’m a fan (plus like Joan Rivers before her – she gives a great interview!). I’ve bought her music, and even directed a music video for her (search for “Lost Hope” in the TGGeeks search bar)… Van Scoyoc has recently returned to her first love, writing books, and I couldn’t be happier. I got a chance to read an advance copy of the book, and it is both funny, and fascinating! My only issue with it is that I wanted more! I’m really hoping that there is a sequel in the works! Now, without further ado… here’s the interview!

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Ma new hat. Birthday gift to myself…even though my bday isn't for another 18 days. 😁 $2 at a yard sale.

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TGG: Andrea, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed again. You’ve recently come out of retirement, could you let us know what inspired your return?

AVS: Well, let me start this off by saying, THANK YOU, for interviewing me! I swore I’d never write again, but I guess as the old saying goes…”Never say never.” I’m at the age now (50 in 15 days!) where writing is now fun, rather than a chore…and a way to get rich and famous…as, even at my most famous, I was never much of either, rich or famous.

Ha ha…

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Have you purchased your copy yet? Only 50¢! PDF format… #superstitions #mountainwitch #mountainfolk #countrywitch #countryfolkwitchery

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TGG: Sounds like you are in a good place! Plus, it must be something really good to get you out of retirement. Could you let us know more about your book on Superstitions?

AVS: I hail from a long line of Country Witches. In America, many, many people from the South weren’t educated and so they lived by superstitions…superstitions to keep one out of trouble, reasons to be pious, etc…

I grew up with these “rules.” My mother had a superstition/rule for every single situation life could come up with.

To this day, I too can rattle off a superstition for just about any situation.

I did this, all the time, growing up, much to the laughter and delight of friends and people I met.

So…many years ago, I compiled and published a book of Superstitions.

It was a huge hit.

I’ve always wondered though…especially with some of the stranger ones, how people came up with these rules.

But, I pushed the thought to the back of my mind. However…that wasn’t the end of it. Ever since I published that book, that thought has surfaced from time to time.

After almost two decades, I’ve decided to give in and Superstitions – Demystifying the Mystical was born.

I hope people get a kick out of it. It’s a tongue in cheek humorous, but also serious look at possibly how or why those little rules got their start.

TGG: What was the most surprising Superstition you’ve found in your research?

AVS: The weirdest superstition, by far, was how you’re not supposed to cut a new window in an old house and if you do, to avoid the deadly consequences of doing so, you have to throw your apron through the window and then dive out after it.

No…I’m not kidding.

TGG: That is crazy! How on earth did that start?! Side question, as a Florida native, are their any superstitions about ‘gaters?

AVS: Ha ha! No…though one might ring your doorbell!

TGG: Finally, where and how can we support you? (Order the book, follow you on social media, find your website)

AVS: My website has everything anyone could want to know about me.


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