Another year of amazing films, both short and featured length, from the Phoenix Film Festival has come to an end.

While we weren’t able to see all the films we had hoped, many of the ones that we did see left an indelible impression upon us both

One film that must get special mention is the documentary Survival of the Film Freaks. We learned of this film from Monte Yazzie, the Festival Director for the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival that was part of the Phoenix Film Festival. He approached us on Friday to inform us that he had actually seen us appear in this documentary. Naturally we became curious so we got tickets and caught the 10:30 PM showing Friday night.

The documentary explores the world of cult films, how they became cult films, the different avenues that people were able to enjoy them (midnight showings, video rentals, etc.), and how the medium has changed and helped to give birth to a new group of independent filmmakers.

We were very pleased to see Jackson Stewart and Stephen Scarlata of Beyond The Gates, as well as a host of very recognizable actors and filmmakers in the world of cult and independent films. It should be stated that we did indeed make a cameo appearance in this film during a Blu-Ray release and signing for Beyond The Gates down in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. Just look for the two nerdy guys wearing matching electric blue polo shirts!

This documentary also serves as a love letter to those of us who grew up in that era of cult classics. It took me right back to the days of going to Blockbuster Video to find the latest direct to video release for me to go home and just geek out while eating a pizza. Yes, I’m a geek and no, I did not have a life!

If you’re a fan of 70’s and 80’s cult films (and even 60’s), then this documentary will be right up your alley!

Looking back at this year’s festival, in addition to watching Survival of the Film Freaks, here is a rundown of everything we did or saw.

A Press Release with some viewer thoughts will be coming soon for the documentary General Magic.

Hopefully in the weeks to come we may get a chance to speak to some of the other filmmakers who were involved in this year’s festival. Nevertheless, we had an amazing time. We saw movies that amused us, films that excited us, and films that emotionally exhausted us. If you’re a film buff, then check out the nearest film festival coming to your town, and if you’re in the greater Phoenix area in the month of April you will definitely want to check out the Phoenix Film Festival. You will probably never find a greater collection of short and featured length films anywhere!

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