Gini’s Yaps – Restaurants on the Road | K-Bob’s Steakhouse – Ft. Stockton, TX

Gini is traveling with her Mother-in-Law and has a new column for us entitled, Restaurants on the Road.

She will share her insights into the dining experiences they have on the road from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

I can’t wait to see what she has to say, as always it will be entertaining.

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Restaurants on the Road
By Gini Koch

K-Bob’s Steakhouse – Ft. Stockton, TX


Despite swearing that she never leaves the Manse, Gini’s on the road a lot, and she’s sending us down and dirty restaurant reviews from her latest trip.

K-Bob’s Steakhouse, Ft. Stockton, TX
( or ) (Menu: )

Type: Steakhouse
Price: $$ out of $$$$$
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

“Thank you, Best Western Plus, for this restaurant recommendation.”

Fort Stockton used to be a big deal in the Old West because of its fort, but it’s a big deal now because it’s the only “big town” between El Paso and San Antonio. Meaning it does a brisk trade in tourists and truckers, all of whom have to sleep and eat and cannot possibly make it between El Paso and San Antonio unless three very alert drivers are trading off. (Texas is a giant state, y’all, and it feels even bigger when you’re driving across it.)

Our (extremely nice Best Western Plus) hotel suggested three restaurants for dinner, but stressed that K-Bob’s was definitely the best. They weren’t wrong.

Monday night and the place was packed with lots of locals and the few lucky tourists who’d been told or knew to go there. K-Bob’s is not fancy – you could go in fancy if you wanted to, but there is no pressure to be gussied up. It’s pretty much what its slogan says – good food at honest prices. It’s comfortable without being rundown, it’s friendly without being fake, and the food is delicious without breaking the bank.

The salad bar is very good and includes soup and beans (delicious) as well as puddings and other niceties. Basically, you add the salad bar onto your meal as one of your side dishes and you get to fill a plate with salads, then go back for soup, beans, and dessert. It’s a deal.

The steaks were great. I got the 10 oz. ribeye and it was excellent. So was the baked potato. Frankly, everything was great, including the service.

This is a chain restaurant so your mileage might vary in other locations. But considering the captive audience the Ft. Stockton location has, if this is how K-Bob’s serves in Ft. Stockton, I’d expect it to serve this way everywhere else, too.

Definitely Try: Rodeo Ribeye, Cowboy Beans/Bean Soup, Salad Bar

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