The Two Gay Geeks are proud to present Erin’s review of “The Margins” released by our friends at Fanbase Press.

This is such a great graphic novel and Erin does a great job of capturing the spirit (better than me…).

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The Margins has cast a spell on my mind and soul and I really can’t shake it.

I’m the resident Game Geek here at Two Gay Geeks, and the bossmen, who I adore, know I’ve been needing some down time. For that down time, I was asked, “Hey, want to look at some graphic novels we have on back log for review?”

Yeah, man! Sure.

I wasn’t ready for what The Margins would do to me. I’ve put myself in a committed relationship with The Margins, and they won’t talk to me about how they feel. I want hugs and I get wry looks. I want to Netflix and Chill and The Margins wants to go on journeys to parallel realities where I’m compelled to stand starkly bare before mirrors and examine.

The Margins has cast a spell on me.

Gods below, great art is incredible medicine.

Creative minds have this problem, you see: there’s an ancient secret that I’m about to illuminate for the greater good for those who may be reading this and wondering what all the fuss is about. Reality is what you make it. The construction of worlds is a tricky business. In my own experience, the energy that goes into world building, whether fiction or in game design, will suck you in as an inhabitant. It will. It just will. And when you’re there, you can see where you’ve got it right.

The Margins reflects this ancient secret in such compelling heart-in-throat narrative and display that I had to walk away from it no less than half a dozen times.
I’m not jazzed to tell you that truth, let’s be frank. I wanted to go word-to-word, page turning to my heart’s delight, but I saw the eyes of Charley staring back at me. Gordy Lamb’s ambition flashing through the fogs of the night like a beacon of warning. The story was hardwiring into my mind, feeding and reading, and eventually, I let it.

The Margins isn’t a joyride, it’s a cautionary tale set against an adventure that one must undertake. One you put a foot down into it, the next foot must follow. It’s a dream that your rational mind shouts worries about, but your sleeping soul burns to follow.
The Margins is a portal.

What if the things we create are made to be utterly real to those created within them? What if they’re real to us? What if that reality becomes our only reality?
This is the lifeblood of The Margins. The power and responsibility in the manifested world set against the draw to use that power responsibly. Those things we perceive as concrete, are they?

Are we?

Fanbase Press has another treasure on their hands with Paul Montgomery and David Accampo’s The Margins. From one vivid and deeply compelling image of Amanda Donahue’s to the next you’d think you were investing in a seasoned vet of the pulp industry. Watch Donahue’s work closely. If this is her first foray into comic illustration, we may well have the next artistic titan on our hands. Her images are absolutely pitch-perfect for the slither of the dreamscape narrative provided by Montgomery and Accampo. This Graphic Novel is a must-have for nearly anyone who has ever dreamed anything before.

Basically, a must-have for everyone.

I can’t get The Margins out of my head. It’s ink-shadowed its way onto my soul. In all truth, I’m better for it. It’s a spell that can not be shirked. It’s a part of me now. What’s your story?

The Margins is published by Fanbase Press. Written by David Accampo and Paul Montgomery. Illustrated by Amanda Donahue. Lettering and Design by David Accampo.
Buy The Margins here

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