Erin’s Arcade of Words Reviews “The Sequels #4 – The Final Chapter”

Erin has a review of The Sequels #4 – The Final Chapter released by our good friends over at Fanbase Press.

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Threads coming together is a beautiful thing. With The Final Chapter, the last entry into The Sequels quartet, Norm Harper wonderfully weaves together the four tales of the blessed (or cursed) heroes into a singular pulse in remarkable and satisfying fashion.

The conclusionary chapter follows Dakota, the grown version of the one-time child who journeyed to Fictopolis to save Imagination. The shift into the memory of the child is as outstanding in style as the previous have been. Val Halvorson and Bobby Timony have delivered time and time again with a flavor of nostalgia that is somehow fresh, new, and exciting. Readers of the series will experience the familiarity with applause: the visuals are expertly in-synch.

All is not well with our protagonist four, though. The Final Chapter opens with a character bleeding from the chest, another keying in on the possibly of the interconnectedness of childhood peril, and a deep doubting of heroic ability. It starts with worry and crepes and mimosas.

It takes headstrong Gwen, brave and curious, to throw the group into their final stage. Their final stage, with no wishes left on the wishing stone, they must set upon finding the end of the narrative. They opt to find that thing that connects them: the Fearmonger. Ready to fight, they quest to confront their demon. The ultimate conflict is an outstanding moment in the medium.

We’re given the taste of the cost of our past. We’re given a lesson, here. Where do we dwell and from where do we grow? The Sequels has been a story of us, as humans. We’re flawed and heroic in one fell swoop. We can be remarkable, or we can languish.

Along the cost of trauma and fright, of healing and growth, the journey has been a rewarding one for readers. The realization at the series climax is emotional and packed with meaning that I doubt I could express as adequately as the tale itself. Certainly not without spoiling the full scope of the narrative, which is absolutely incredible and packed with richness rarely found in a four bite series.

The Sequels concludes in a tidy, exciting way, but I would be remiss to leave out: I’m hungry for more. Like a big cake one eats when all alone: I don’t need more, but I sure would like more. Tasty, comforting, and sticking with me for a very long while.

The Sequels #4: The Final Chapter is published by Fanbase Press. Created and written by Norm Harper. Illustrated and colored by Val Halvorson and Bobby Timony. Lettered by Oceano Ransford. Cover Art by Don Aguillo.

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