Festival de Cannes: Special Coverage | Julie Sisk, Founder of The American Pavilion – Interview

The Two Gay Geeks were very fortunate to be able to chat with Julie Sisk, the founder of The American Pavilion live form Cannes, France. Thank you to Patricia Chica for putting us in touch with Annie Jeeves of Cinematic Red PR, who facilitated the interview.

We chatted with Julie about the circumstances surrounding the founding of The American Pavilion at Festival de Cannes in France, where they are celebrating 30 years of service to those attending the festival.

Let us know what you think of this interview and your thoughts about the nature of inclusivity in film as represented at The American Pavilion. Please share your feedback in the comments section below. We always welcome all feedback.


About Julie Sisk

Julie Sisk started the company 30 years ago and have been running it ever since. Prior to The American Pavilion I was Development Director of The London Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival and San Francisco.

Julie Sisk Interview:

You may stream it directly here (internet speed warning) or you may download and listen at your leisure.

About The American Pavilion

Celebrating over 30 years bringing professionals and emerging filmmakers together, The American Pavilion is the center of activity for the American film community at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Since its debut at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, The Pavilion has served as a hospitality and communications hub for the thousands of Americans attending the Cannes Film Festival and Marché, providing an impressive array of facilities and services, including membership for the international film community, provocative and insightful programming, the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, immersive student programs, and more.

For its corporate sponsors, scores of American participants, and hundreds of exhibitors and office holders, The American Pavilion accommodates the need for information, orientation and recreation, providing both a dynamic business environment and an opportunity to relax in comfortable surroundings for the duration of the Festival.

With a panoramic view of the Bay of Cannes and just a few steps from the Palais des Festivals, where all the major Festival films are premiered, The American Pavilion is now a permanent fixture on the Cannes landscape, proving to be the perfect place to transact business, share ideas and effectively reach the thousands of affluent international travelers who attend the Festival every year.

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