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5 Questions with… Kyle Card

TGG: This continues our series in interviewing the stars of the Amazon Prime series “The Benza”… today we have co-lead Kyle Card… so, without further ado… could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Kyle Card: Hello there, my name is Kyle Card an actor living in Tokyo, originally from Vancouver British Columbia. I’ve lived in Tokyo for about 8 years now and have been dabbling in the Japanese acting and modelling industry my whole time here. I enjoys walks/hikes in nature, coffee/drinks with friends, and have a rather unhealthy relationship with chocolate.

TGG: Could you tell us about your character in “The Benza”?

KC: The character I play is also named Kyle, (I play a version of myself actually) as Chris’s original idea for our characters was to play ourselves but in a poking fun/exaggerated fashion. So you could say that the reason our chemistry works is that what we have taken what already exists between us and up’ed the ante. In addition to that, working with Chris is always fun whether it be on English educational programs set in space, quirky adventures involving toilet seats, or faceless ghosts hellbent on killing us. It’s never been a dull moment working with Chris.

TGG: You’ve worked on a number of high-profile Japanese Mini-Series and even in Film. Could you tell us about how you got your start here in Japan and what it’s like to work in Japan as an actor?

KC: My start here was a simple as making a decision to commit to do what I currently do, and hopping on plane. I had always wanted to be an actor but never really committed to it, shuffling between various unfulfilling jobs until I reached my breaking point. I started at the very bottom here in Japan with extra work, reenactment dramas, etc. until I started to catch a few breaks to showcase my skills and start making a name and reputation for my self. My first real break was a live TV show that I managed to remain on for two years called “Goji ni Muchu”. However, a lot of the time working in Japan as a foreign actor can be akin to attempting to ice skate uphill. There is a lot of work out there to be had, but whether or not that work is fulfilling, furthers your career/reputation is another story. This is one of the driving factors behind the genesis of Tokyo Cowboys.

TGG: You’ve been on a number of episodes of NHK World’s “Journeys in Japan”. Could you tell us your favourite spot in Japan to travel?

KC: All of the reporting jobs I have undertaken have truly been blessings to me, sending me on so many unforgettable adventures all over the country. I’ve experienced first hand that so many areas of Japan are so breathtakingly beautiful for their own reasons, so it makes it quite difficult to choose, but I really enjoy the Seto Inland Sea area and Shikoku. Toyama, as of writing this interview has risen to one of my top spots as well, wow! I would tell you why, but I don’t want to spoil your own unique adventures!

TGG: Finally, how can we best support you (follow you on social media, watch “The Benza”/your TV shows, buy your stuff etc)

KC: The best way to support The Benza is to watch us on Amazon Prime video, and of course to not forget about telling your friends and family about us! Also, if you loved what you saw, please write us a review and give us a nice rating on Amazon Prime and/or IMDb. Should you be interested in following along with my individual endeavors, you can find me on Instagram @bakairu and Twitter @Kyle_Card. Thank you so much!

TGG: Thank you Kyle!


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