Fright Rags Official Apparel for Hammer Films, The Omen, and Happy Death Day

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from our friend Alex at Simply Legendary Publicity.

New official Hammer Films, The Omen, and Happy Death Day T-Shirts and more at Fright Rags.

We are fans of Hammer Films, they were our growing up years and first horror we experienced. Let us know if you are too and if you plan to buy one of these unique t-shirts in the comments below. As always, we welcome your feedback on our content.



Available Now at


Fright-Rags has summoned all-new apparel from The Omen, Happy Death Day, and Hammer Films. You have been warned.

You are one day closer to the end of the world with Fright-Rags’ The Omen collection. Richard Donner’s horror classic has received three new T-shirts (with baseball tee options) plus an enamel pin of the Antichrist himself, Damien.

Fright-Rags makes every death count with its Happy Death Day merchandise. The modern slasher’s baby-faced killer is featured on three shirts, a pair of socks, and an enamel pin.

Enter Hammer Films’ house of horrors with Fright-Rags’ first apparel dedicated to the legendary British horror studio. The line includes four shirts featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, and more classic monsters.

The Omen, Happy Death Day, and Hammer Films collections are on sale now at

Stay tuned for the return of Fright-Rags’ “Tee of Mystery.” Blind-bagged shirts in both men’s and women’s styles will be available for only $9 each next week.

More info at

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