TG Geeks Explores Uncharted Regions with Neal and Jana Hallford

The Two Gay Geeks were fortunate enough to have Neal and Jana Hallford up to our mobile studio at the Hilton LAX during WhedonCon 2019.

We welcome back two dear friends and collaborators to talk about where Uncharted Regions has been and where it is going.

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Editor Note: As part of a new format we are trying, we present this interview in an article rather than our regular podcast. It in no way dimities the importance of this or any other interview. We have so many folks to chat with that we can’t get them out in a timely fashion if we release interviews only in a podcast. Thank you for supporting us and the Independent Creators we support.

Neal and Jana were attending WhedonCon 2019 to present one of Uncharted Regions Radio Dramas, Someday Over You. Obviously, we were in attendance at the panel to listen and hear more about this particular drama especially since Randy Davison was also with them. Randy is an actor and voice over artist that Neal and Jana have used on several of the Uncharted Regions projects.

As part of our discussion, we chatted about Uncharted Regions and then we waxed on about classic horror films and their short film, Case of Evil, and how they filmed it using techniques of a bygone era. Which inevitably led to a discussion of the benefits of using analog film and seeing a movie where the film is run through a projector.

Have a listen to our discussion here:

Find out more about Uncharted Regions here:

Just in case anyone is wondering what Neal and Keith were blathering on about when talking Tulsa TV in the late 60’s and 70’s, here is a youtube search for Mazeppa Pompozoidi’s Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting on Channel 8 at midnight Saturday’s.
Gary Busey got his start as Teddy Jack Eddy on this very show. It was madness.

Thanks for listening and we hope to have more content form WhedonCon 2019. Stay Tuned.

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