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The Two Gay Geeks received a message from author, Jake Biondi, about his series of books entitled Boystown. He felt that you, our readers, might find the series of interest.

Here is the press release for this 9 book (so far) series about several couples living in the famed Chicago Boystown neighborhood.

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BOYSTOWN Series Overview

BOYSTOWN is the continuing story of several couples living in Chicago’s famed Boystown neighborhood.

The Mancini brothers — as well as their friends and significant others — are at the core of BOYSTOWN. Emmett Mancini, the youngest of the brothers, is a bright, caring guy whose boyfriend Keith Colgan has a past Emmett knows little about . . . yet. Derek Mancini, and his wife Joyelle, are BOYSTOWN’s straight couple . . . but a recent encounter with hunky Cole O’Brien could have life-altering consequences for Derek. And when Justin Mancini, the oldest brother, arrives in BOYSTOWN, he brings with him a family history that both Emmett and Derek were hoping to forget: a bitter feud with the powerful Ciancio family.

Interracial couple Logan Pryce and Max Taylor have been together have survived the ups and downs that are common in most long-term relationships; however, they must now face a crisis that neither of them ever expected. A chance encounter with an old flame sends Max on a mission to discover a secret buried long ago . . . and tests the strength of his commitment to Logan.

One of the most diverse and lively neighborhoods in the country, Chicago’s Boystown has something for everyone. So it’s no wonder that roommates Jesse Morgan and Cole O’Brien chose to live there upon graduating from college. Ready to begin the next phase of their lives in an exciting new city, Jesse and Cole quickly find themselves at the center of the drama and intrigue that makes up this adult playground. Against the backdrop of the vibrant Chicago skyline, some couples are brought together while others are torn apart, once-buried family vendettas are resurrected, and friends unite to face the challenges that life throws their way.

Family. Love. Deception. Romance. Power. Revenge. Passion. Betrayal. Welcome to BOYSTOWN!
The History

BOYSTOWN has a very interesting history. In Spring of 2013, I started to toss around in my head the idea of writing a continuing drama that focused on gay characters. I considered some ideas for characters and storylines. Then I finally began actually writing BOYSTOWN in June of 2013 as an online story and intended to release one “episode” online per month, each ending in a cliffhanger. The story became so popular — and the online reading audience grew so quickly — that people from all over the country began to email me demanding to know what happened to their favorite characters and wanting the episodes to be released faster. They also had suggestions for future storylines! I was surprised and excited by the readers’ response to BOYSTOWN and began to write and release installments more quickly. By November, 2013, I had released 10 episodes and the reading audience had expanded well beyond the borders of America.

Because of BOYSTOWN‘s huge success online and the serialized nature of my writing, readers from all over the globe were able to correspond with me and influence the storylines of the BOYSTOWN saga as I wrote it. It is really exciting to interact with fans in this way.

I think it’s something very unique to BOYSTOWN.

Readers also suggested that I publish the first ten episodes as a book rather than leaving them online. I took their advice — and BOYSTOWN Season One was published in late November, 2013. The book sold well and I continued to write additional episodes. Episodes 11 – 20 were released in July, 2014 as BOYSTOWN Season Two. BOYSTOWN Season Three was released on May 1, 2015, BOYSTOWN Season Four was released on November 13, 2015, BOYSTOWN Season Five was released on June 1, 2016, BOYSTOWN Season Six was released on December 16, 2016, BOYSTOWN Season Seven was released on July 7, 2017, and BOYSTOWN Season Eight was released on February 14, 2018.
The Future

Interest in the series is high — the future of BOYSTOWN, both in print and on screen, will surely be a bright one.
I think readers really like that BOYSTOWN is written like a TV series. It moves quickly and keeps people on the edges of their seats! And now the BOYSTOWN team is working to bring BOYSTOWN to television.

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