SDCC 50 Hall H Panel | “Terminator: Dark Fate”

Editor Note: DaVette See, our Special Correspondent, is onsite at Comicon International in San Diego and has sent us this article as part of her coverage of SDCC 50. Thank you so much, DaVette (and Rob) for braving the Hall H madness. Look for more to come as she has time.

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SDCC 50 Hall H Panel – Terminator: Dark Fate

The San Diego Comic-con’s Hall H panel for “Terminator: Dark Fate” was a real treat. Moderated by entertainment journalist and Geek personality Grae Drake, the panel included director Tim Miller and stars Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta.

Fan favorite Linda Hamilton was defintiely bright spot on the dais. Her long-awaited return to the Terminator franchise, reprising her role of humanity’s would-be savior, Sarah Connor ,has fans everywhere convinced that, in a franchise gone arguably stale, Hamilton can…well…save the day.

– Introduction of the panel by James Cameron, live via remote hookup.

-Cameron’s announcement that Edward Furlong, who was a child actor who originated the role of John Connor in Terminator 2, has joined the cast of the new film.

-Director Tim Miller’s announcement that the film would be rated “R”, like the first three films

☢ F bombs dropped throughout the panel and Arnold winning $20 from Gabriel Luna, who appears in the new film as the new Terminator, by betting that Tim Miller, director, would drop at least five F-bombs during the panel. Miller said that he has countless takes of Hamilton saying f**k, but none of Arnold, who refused to say it because, “Robots don’t swear.”
Said Arnold, “Tim likes to talk about it, I like to do it. “

-Hamilton’s saying that she hesitated taking on Sarah again, admitting it was a lot tougher getting into shape for “T2” and that “Dark Fate”, but that she came to realize that the real work she needed to do to be Sarah 27 years later was to go to that she had to go to the deep places of sorrow and loss in her life. Where before she felt she needed to try to get back to a certain place, she finally realized that she is now so much more now than then. “I felt there was a world of richness I could explore, and then rock it as a woman of a certain age.”

-Genuine affection between the members of the assembled cast and the director. In particular, the sweet moment between Hamilton and the young star Natalia Reyes who spoke FROM THE HEART about Hamilton’s generous guidance and mentorship. Both actors teared up.


By now everyone has seen the second trailer, but the additional footage Hall H fans were allowed to see blew everyone away. There is no doubt that “Terminator: Dark Fate” is going to return the franchise to a place of prominence in the sci-fi action world.


Moderator asks Tim Miller if he has a nickname for James Cameron, and he says nobody has a nickname for him.

Hamilton: I call him Jimbo.

Director: Well, she slept with him.

Linda: Only once. 😮

“Terminator: Dark Fate” panel at 2019 Comic-Con International. (Photo by Rob See Photography)

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