Andrea Van Scoyoc Joins TG Geeks as a Contributor

The Two Gay Geeks wish to welcome Andrea Van Scoyoc (Andy) to the TG Geeks family of contributors. Some of you may remember that Hamish Downie asked her his five questions some months ago (see link below).

Andy has in mind to do a monthly column entitled Andy’s Antics. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

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Andy describes herself as:

Saint to some…Sinner to most.

Acidic souled but hilarious, Andy can have you laughing one minute and hating her the next, the life of the party, she’ll be the first to turn around and burn it all down.

Multi-facets make up a complicated creature filled with love, peace and joy, tempered by a suffocating darkness she can’t escape.

More about Andy

Here is the link to her Five Questions post form Hamish Downie. Five Questions With… Andy Van Scoyoc

You can learn a great deal about her approach to life and a certain macabre sense of humour.

Andy has written a book entitled Darkness and Decay and can be purchased through Amazon at the link below:

She writes music and a blog about meditation among many other talents.
We are very fortunate to have Andy join us and contribute on her schedule.

You can find Andy here:
Twitter: @AndyVanScoyoc and @MorbidUnquiet


Please help us welcome Andy to the TG Geeks family.

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