Upstart animation studio Pactless Studios debuts with their first web series, “Pactless Patrons: A Support Group”

The Two Gay Geeks received the following press release from the creators of Pactless Patron. We were introduced to them by good friend and voice actor, Tim Callaway. We will have an interview with the creators, Riley and Angela, in a future episode of TG Geeks Webcast. This really sounds like a fun web series.

Have a read and please consider supporting them in their Kickstarter campaign (we did).

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Pactless Patrons: A Support Group is a web series about group counseling for supernatural beings having trouble recruiting warlocks

August 6th, 2019 – An international team of writers, artists, and voice performers are creating an animated web series about eldritch abominations and the warlocks they wish they had. Combining a love of fantasy tabletop role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, and television shows such as Parks & Recreation and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Pactless Patrons is looking to combine these interests into a heartfelt show confronting the nature of relationships.

Pactless Patrons: A Support Group was inspired by a viral meme on Twitter tasking users to complete the phrase “My patron is…” and tag the third user suggested. Riley Gryc was inspired by the meme to write a dialogue between members of a support group for supernatural beings with no followers. Wisecracking monsters like Estar of the Brightlands and Molonk the Many-Mouthed shared their feelings of abandonment, self-consciousness, and failure to find “the One.”

With its dark humor and relatable struggles, the thread struck a chord with over 1,700 users. Originally conceived of as a webcomic, it became something more when Angela McCain contacted Riley and offered to turn into a podcast. Combining the two ideas – animation and voice acting – was a natural fit, and thus the show was born. They quickly gathered a team of accomplished artists and writers who loved the idea as much as they did.

As the idea gained traction, Riley reached out to hit indie developer Brandon Dixon, the creator of Swordsfall, for advice and coaching on how best to approach making this dream a reality. Brandon – who offers Kickstarter coaching as a service he provides – was impressed by the vision behind Pactless Patrons and agreed to take on the job.

As the project grew, it picked up talented musicians, producers, and voice actors. Auditions were eventually held to fill out the cast, with the casting call receiving over 300 auditions by the end of the submission period.

The project’s funding goal for a full season of six 5-minute episodes is $6,000. Funding will support the dozens of hardworking members of the cast and crew. The script for that season has already been completed, and the Pactless team is optimistic and excited to begin creating a show they are truly passionate about.

The crowdfunding campaign is aiming for stretch goals that will allow them to produce up to five additional seasons of Pactless Patrons. The team wants to tell the stories of the support group’s misadventures at Pact Con, exploring how the patrons spend their days off, and seeing where they end up after group counseling.

With the meteoric rise in popularity of games like Dungeons and Dragons, along with the success of animated endeavors such as Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina, Pactless Patrons hopes to continue this trend by bringing their magical, nerdy show about otherworldly relationships to life.

The Kickstarter campaign for Pactless Patrons will run until Thursday, September 5th.

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Find out more on:

Twitter: @PactlessPatrons
Instagram: @PactlessPatrons

Pactless Patron Studios
Seattle, Washington
United States

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