Alexander James Adams Interview at CoKoCon 2019

The Two Gay Geeks are at CoKoCon 2019 staying at the host hotel where we have our recording studio setup to chat with guests that are willing.

We were extremely fortunate to have Alexander James Adams up for a chat on Saturday morning before everything started up for the day.

He has such a fascinating story and to hear him tell it is a delight. Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments section below. As always, we welcome your feedback on all of our content.

From the CoKoCon Website:

We’re very happy to honor Alexander James Adams as our Filk GoH, kindly sponsored by the Phoenix Filk Circle.

A professional musician of over forty years, Alec has always used magic in his performances to transform and inspire his listeners into states of being and realms of desire that leave them changed for the better. Using stories and songs of Antiquity, he creates places where the audience can find their unspoken secrets and address them with new inspiration.

With twenty albums, a few spoken word stories and many collaborations with other musicians, Alexander applies transformational magic to his music in hopes of changing things that need to be changed.

Heir to the music and legend of Heather Alexander, Alec performs her music and his own with a style that goes beyond reality and into the imagined.

Listen or download the interview here:




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