Panel & Book Signing: Best Selling “Alexander X” “Ancient Among Us” Author Edward Savio In-Person at FanX


The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from Annie Jeeves at Cinematic Red about a panel and book signing taking place in Salt Lake City at FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention.

Author Edward Savio going to be there signing books after the panel.

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The Battle For Forever book series (Alexander X and Ancient Among Us). Screenwriter and best-selling author Edward Savio will be taking part in an exciting FanX panel at 2:00 pm this Saturday, September 7th, followed by a book signing at FanX. Featuring extraordinary art by pop art icon and highly in-demand comic book illustrator Des Taylor (DC Bombshells, Dr Who, Archie comics, Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition, as well as his own comic book series Scarlett Couture) and narrated by fan-favorite Wil Wheaton (Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Stand By Me) “The Battle For Forever” book series (Alexander X and Ancient Among Us) series is off to a record-breaking start!

Tackling history with a Highlander meets Jason Bourne bent a 1500 year old teenager aka “ancient” set to save us all, “The Battle For Forever” series of novels have already shown their captivating reach as the first two audiobooks in the series Alexander X and Ancient Among Us, narrated by fan-favorite Wil Wheaton (Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Stand By Me”), continue to top every chart. Oh, and did we mention only a handful of bestsellers have scored this particular coupe of Wheaton narrating more than one book in the series?

About the Panel and Book Signing

Location: 251 A
Saturday, Sept 7, 2019

Book signing Saturday, Sept 7, 2019
Booth 12221/The Printed Garden, Booksellers

About The Battle for Forever

Because buckle up friends, it’s one heck of a ride — Alexander X is a 1500 year old trapped in a teenager’s body. Modern technology makes it difficult for him to remain anonymous. That’s a problem for him and others like him, which makes it a problem for the rest of us.
Written by Edward Savio and featuring extraordinary art by Des Taylor the journey in book one alone of this mind-bending series takes readers/listeners around the globe for none stop action following a 1500-year-old teenager aka “ancient“ in a battle with mankind and his own kind. The creative team behind this series brings together a who’s who of the bestsellers and pop culture icons joining Savio, Wheaton, and Taylor including: audiobook director and producer: Gabrielle De Cuir (known for her audiobook work with Levar Burton, Elijah Wood, Burt Reynolds, and Tim Curry among others), and producers Stefan Rudnicki & Lisa Lindo —both of whom have spearheaded cult too numerous to count.

Milestones “Alexander X” has hit right out of the gate include:

#2 Overall Best Seller on Audible
#1 Best Seller Fiction on Audible
#1 New Releases Audible Books & Originals
#1 Movers & Shakers on Amazon
#1 Humorous Fiction New Release
#1 Best Seller Humorous Fiction
#1 Best Seller Science Fiction Adventures
#1 New Releases Science Fiction Adventures
#1 Science Fiction & Fantasy on Amazon
#2 Science Fiction & Fantasy on Audible

Edward Savio has been ranked for “Alexander X”:

#1 Sci-Fi Author
#3 Action Adventure Author (After George R.R. Martin & J.K Rowling)

Short Synopsis:

Alexander Grant could be great. Monumentally great. If only people would let him. But he can’t because they won’t. You see, Alexander is 1500 years old. And when you’re 1500 or 3000 or 4500, you get VERY good at an astonishingly broad spectrum of skills. It used to be easy to slip from one life to the next. But the modern world has made that impossible. And that’s a problem. For the few hundred or so people like him. And more importantly…for the rest of us.

About Wil Wheaton:

Wil Wheaton is a New York Times and #1 Bestselling audiobook narrator, and the co-creator and host of the award-winning YouTube original series, Tabletop. As an actor, Wil is best known for his work on The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Stand By Me. His narration work includes Ready Player One, The Collapsing Empire, Red Shirts, Strange Weather, and Masters of Doom. As a voice actor, Wil has performed in Teen Titans, Stretch Armstrong, and the Flex Fighters, Ben Ten: Alien Force, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and Disney’s Miles from Tomorrowland.

About Edward Savio:

Savio’s first long-form novel, Idiots in the Machine, was his ‘anti-screenplay,’ giving him the freedom to explore and develop deeper characters, multiple narratives, and play with language. He wrote “Idiots” with a certain belief that no one could make it into a movie. Not even him. Then Sony Pictures optioned “Idiots” for the Academy Award-winning producers of Forrest Gump for 7 figures.

Instagram: @battleforforever
Facebook: @battleforforever
Book Trailer:
Book Amazon Link: https://amzn. to/2VZJEbQ


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