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The Two Gay Feels are excited to let you know a new series has been released on Amazon Prime Video for streaming. Dark Web is produced by Michael Nardelli and his brother Tim Nardelli as Felt Films. We will have an interview with Michael in the comings weeks, look for it in one of our regular Monday podcasts.

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DARK/WEB, an 8-episode sci-fi/horror anthology series premiered exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, streaming on July 19th. The series first debuted last February at Entertainment Weekly’s and SCAD’s prestigious television festival, aTV Fest.

DARK/WEB will had an official panel at San Diego Comic Con at The Horton Grand Theater. Cast and crew were on on hand.

Series has a unique history; marking one of the first times an entire season of television has ever been produced independently. The show comes from the creative team behind 2015’s Netflix film CIRCLE, which has gone on to become a cult hit inspiring online video games and live theatrical performances and adaptations across the world.

DARK/WEB highlights the voices and contributions of a wide variety of indie filmmakers, writers, and fan favorite genre actors and features tales that delve deep into the strange and dangerous “dark web” that lurks just beneath the surface of the internet we use every single day. Series utilizes a unique story within a story format, with each episode telling a standalone “dark web-centric” tale, connected by a serialized, season-long narrative surrounding the origin of the mysterious stories. Each tale tackles a different danger of the tech age, inspired by real life dark web occurrences and the modern-day dangers of an “always connected” world.

Long Synopsis:
In the near future, the evolution of the internet has given way to a world in crisis; one where everyone’s connected but no one is safe. Molly Solis, a cyber analyst, understood these dangers better than anyone and was determined to make a difference… until she disappeared. Now, friends and foes from her past are in a race against time to decipher cryptic messages she’s left behind; tales that paint a grim picture of technology run amok. As the mystery deepens, they’ll discover the stories, and Molly herself, may be concealing information that could change the world… or destroy it.

Short Synopsis:
A genius programmer’s mysterious disappearance leads to the reunion of old friends and the discovery that the strange stories she left behind may point to an impending technological crisis

Felt Films is the production company behind project (Michael and Tim Nardelli) who once again teamed up with CIRCLE filmmaker Mario Miscione, co-creator of the popular YouTube series THE VAULT.

The massive cast includes: Sibongile Mlambo (Netflix’s LOST IN SPACE, TEEN WOLF), Julie Benz (DEXTER), Clare Kramer (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), Nicholas Brendan (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), Gabriel Luna (TERMINATOR DARK FATE), Michael Nardelli (THE PEOPLE VS. OJ SIMPSON), Hannah Marks (DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY), Zelda Williams (TEEN WOLF), Robert Davi (GOONIES, DIE HARD), Siobhan Fallon Hogan (FUNNY GAMES, FORREST GUMP, WAYWARD PINES), Hayley Marie Norman (TOP FIVE), Dora Madison (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, DEXTER), Molly Hagan (BIG LITTLE LIES, THE HANDMAID’S TALE), Cassie Thomson (THE ALIENIST), Amin El Gamal (PRISON BREAK revival), Lana McKissack (TRANSFORMERS), Brian Elerding (MAD MEN), and Noemi Gonzalez (ROSEWOOD).

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