News Sushi #80: Morsels of News from Japan and Beyond

News Sushi #80 And we (Hamish) keep serving the best News Sushi!

Editor Note:It is Friday and that means it is time for the World Famous, soon to be Intergalactic Famous, News Sushi from our very own, Hamish Downie. Hamish brings us a decidedly different slant on Pop Culture as viewed through the lens of a non-native living in Japan.

Thank you (ありがとうございました) Hamish, for your insights.

こんにちは!Which means “Hello”!

How are you doing this week?

This was a particularly draining week thanks to a difficult situation at work (which has thankfully sorted itself out), and a number of social commitments which resulted in me not really having the energy for writing. So, this week’s (80th) edition is going to be a little lean…

My partner and I were talking about commercials this week, and this is one of the ones that came up.

Aside from beingcute, It’s based on the Japanese saying, “猫の手も借りたい” (neko no te mo karitai). Which translates as, “[I’m so busy that] I even want to borrow a cat’s paw” (direct translation – including the part that’s implied, but unsaid)… i.e. “I’ll take all the help I can get”. Which I guess means that the car is so popular that the factory needed to hire the cat… haha! My partner thinks that they were using a string or something like that to get the button to press.


Ichiro Suzuki was honoured with the Mariners’ Achievement Award as part of Ichiro Weekend at Safeco Field and gives a speech to the fans…


I’m a big fan of “Movies of the Rainbow”, which reviews films through a very personal lens.

I found this article particularly moving this week.

HOT LINK OF THE WEEK – Christopher McCombs

Simply a good day…

That’s all for this week. Thanks for coming around for 80 columns.

See you next week!


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