Dekkoo Original Series “The Third” Releases October 24th

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from our friend Jonah at Potent PR. We are always looking for community related independent creations.

Please have a read and a look at the trailer for this series on Dekoo.

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A provocative new gay series, THE THIRD follows Jason (Sean McBride), a twenty-nine-year-old gay man who stumbles into a “triad” relationship with Carl and David (Corey Page and Ryland Shelton), an established gay Palm Springs couple who are on the outs after five years of marriage. Thinking that a third person might spice up their relationship, they agree to move forward with Jason… only to encounter a whole new set of complications. What begins as a passionate three-way affair is jeopardized by skepticism, jealously and secrets. Writing their own rules along the way, Jason, Carl and David try to figure out the true definition of love… and whether or not their new triangle is equilateral or isosceles. Part drama, comedy and mystery, THE THIRD is the sexy and stylish new Dekkoo Original Series that isn’t afraid to cross boundaries.

THE THIRD S1 Trailer from Matthew Lynn on Vimeo.


THE THIRD is a show about surrogate families and the unexpected but deeply meaningful connections we make that enrich our lives. Today, many people live in “non-traditional” relationships; deep down, we are all looking for somewhere to belong. My primary goal with this show is to bring these surrogate families to light. For me this has been a complete labor of love, as they say: art imitates life, which imitates art. When I was twenty-three I came out to my family and they said, “Leave and never come back”. Soon after, a gay couple took me in and became my surrogate family; eventually, we entered into a triad relationship which initially inspired the show. These people taught me how to be a gay man and live in this new world I had discovered. My experiences in this relationship provided the initial inspiration for THE THIRD.

As a gay creator, I want to portray gay relationships without any sensationalism or exoticism. At the same time, I didn’t want to shy away from or be ashamed of what it means to be gay in today’s world. This show is my love letter to our community and to Palm Springs, a gay mecca.

All of this culminated in telling a story that is not only very real to me, but to many others as well. At my production company Bridge the Divide Media our mission is telling stories on the fringe of society and I wanted to show a gay relationship in a way that’s never been shown before. Something that didn’t feel like it was gay first, but human first. But also not shying away from it or being ashamed by it. Many people are now in “non-traditional” relationships and this show is about bringing light to them and their unique stories. All of us are looking for somewhere to belong.

As a child, Matt Lynn would talk into his tape recorder and tell the stories of space battles and magic castles. For his entire life, Matt’s focus has been on creating worlds that inspire the imagination. Through film, he has learned that this gift can not only create worlds, but change the world and people around him. It’s this unique perspective that inspired him to create the production company Bridge the Divide Media to tell stories of people on the fringes of society. His work has been accepted into Cannes, Tribeca, Frameline, Outfest and more while also receiving both Gotham and Queerty award nominations. After attending the American Film Institute Conservatory’s MFA program, Matt has traveled around the world creating and producing projects including feature and short films, documentaries, music videos, series and has created original shows for Youtube star Davey Wavey and served as the cinematographer for Brian Jordan Alvarez from Will and Grace. His ability to lead a team while bringing a unique perspective makes Matt Lynn a queer filmmaker to watch out for.

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