Discovered In Antigone, Young Actor Hakim Brahimi Won The Lead Role Of “Montreal Girls”

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release about a casting decision for the upcoming film, Montreal Girls.

This is really great news for this film.

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A Newcomer to Canadian Cinema


(Montreal, QC) – December 10, 2019. The young rising actor Hakim Brahimi that the public recently discovered in the movie Antigone, has just landed the lead role in the upcoming Canadian feature film Montréal Girls by filmmaker Patricia Chica. Originally from Algeria, this 21 years old student in mechanical engineering will interpret the character of Ramy. This is Hakim’s second film experience, and the first one in a role of this magnitude.

“I’ve never imagined having a film career. It was a professor of literature at my college who suggested that I audition for the feature film Antigone, ” says young actor Hakim Brahimi. “Since Antigone was released, I have been receiving casting calls, including the audition for Montreal Girls. After I got this new role, three months ago, I’ve been pursuing a rigorous and intensive acting training with Patricia Chica, the director of my new film,” he adds.

“Hakim has an innate charisma that transcends the screen. Although he has no training as an actor, he has stood out among dozens of candidates from across Canada. His natural instinct and intuitive acting abilities convinced us that he could make Ramy’s character authentic and believable in Montreal Girls, “adds director Patricia Chica.

Montreal Girls tells the story of Ramy, a young Middle Eastern student who comes to Montreal to visit his uncle and cousin for the purpose of entering medical school. Very early, his cousin introduces him to the underground scene, where he meets two young magnetic women, Désirée and Yaz. The latter will inspire him, make him change his perception of life and upset him to the highest point to finally reveal him to his destiny, that of becoming a poet and following his heart. The film is directed by Patricia Chica, co-written by Chica and Kamal John Iskander and produced by Samuel Gagnon and Bahija Essoussi of Objectif 9. Filmoption International is the Canadian distributor.

About Hakim Brahimi:

Resident of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac near Montreal, Quebec, the young actor of Algerian origin Hakim Brahimi was born on January 30th, 1998 in Algiers, Algeria. He is trilingual; French, English and Arabic. In January 2008, he moved to Canada with his parents and his older brother. Following a suggestion from a professor of literature at College Saint-Laurent, Hakim entered an audition for the film Antigone by filmmaker Sophie Deraspe, which is Canada’s selection for the Oscars 2020. In this film, Hakim plays the role of Antigone’s older brother, Eteocles, who is killed by the police. This tragedy triggers a long process leading her to fight for the justice of her family. Currently, Hakim is part of the cast of director Patricia Chica’s Montreal Girls feature in which he plays the leading role of Ramy in English and Arabic. In addition to acting, Hakim is also an illustrator and model in his spare time. He is studying mechanical engineering at Concordia University.

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