Santa Barbara International Film Festival to Host World Premiere of Short Film “Tribes”


The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from our friends at Chicart PR. This is a very exciting announcement for the filmmakers of the short film, Tribes.

We saw it several months ago and loved it. We also have an interview with the filmmakers that will be releasing very soon.

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Self-identity is a bitch according to the provocative role-reversal comedy TRIBES.
World Premiere at the
Santa Barbara International Film Festival


(LOS ANGELES, CA) – December 30th, 2019. The Santa Barbara International Film Festival – SBIFF is proud to announce the World Premiere of Nino Aldi’s role-reversal comedy Tribes, starring DeStorm Power (Punk’d), Adam Waheed (Pitch Please) and Daytime Emmy-winning producer/actor Jake Hunter (Class Act). The film is produced by the three lead actors in collaboration with multidisciplinary filmmaker Jeion Green and award-winning Canadian producer Patricia Chica, from a screenplay by Andy Marlatt. The executive producers are Jordan Taylor Wright of Taylor Cut Films and Will Meldman of Double Down Pictures.

Tribes tells the story of an African American, an Arab-American and a white guy who try to rob a subway wagon. Because none of them wants to rob people of their own race, it sets them off to a series of arguments over self-identity. This leads the would-be bandits to continually divide the passengers into various ethnic, cultural and economic subgroups in an effort to find a class of people that none of them identify with – a group they can feel good about robbing. When the train arrives at the next station, no one expects that the situation would be reversed. Self-identity is truly a bitch.

Trailer / Clip

Tribes Clip from Nino Aldi on Vimeo.


In this powerful and thought-provoking dark satire, the themes of identity and discrimination unfold during a train ride between two stations.

Tribes deals with a pertinent issue in our society about separatism and how different we all feel we are from one another.” says director Nino Aldi.

In under 10 minutes, a mundane subway robbery becomes the setting of a humorous choreography of segregation, where the questions of morality and choice are challenged by the muggers themselves. By using irony and social commentary, this cautionary short aims to trigger a much-needed conversation about diversity, inclusion and the sense of belonging in today’s society.

“I want to tell this story to show that, in essence, we’re all part of the same tribe,” adds director Nino Aldi.

Tribes’ world premiere screening at the Oscar-qualifying competition for shorts will be followed by a Q&A with director Nino Aldi, the cast and crew. The Santa Barbara International Film Festival will happen in Santa Barbara, CA from January 15th to the 25th, 2020.

To know more about Tribes, please follow the short on social media at @TribesTheMovie on Facebook.

Director: Nino Aldi – @NinoAldi

Lead Actors and Producers:
Jake Hunter (Kevin) – @JakeHunterOfficial
Destorm Power (Jamar) – @DeStorm
Adam Waheed (Amed) – @AdamW

Jeion Green- @JeionGreen
Patricia Chica- @Chicatronica

Executive Producers:
Jordan Taylor Wright – @TaylorCutFilms
Will Meldman – @wmeldman33
Hashtags: #TribesTheMovie #SBIFF2020

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