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If your keyboard could give you the power to create anything you want, what would you type on it?
Be careful what you wish for!


(LONDON, UK) – December 31st, 2019. Thought-provoking short film, Creation, is due for a worldwide online release on January 1st, 2020. This slickly executed film, presents a fresh retelling of the Adam & Eve story. It cleverly explores the premise of what would happen if our computer could instantly materialize all of our wishes when we type them on its keyboard.

As the 2020 decade approaches, people are writing their resolutions for the New Year. Only imagine what you could manifest if you had the super power this short film proposes.



Creation is the debut film of UK-based, Italian writer-director Ruggero Dalla Santa, the son of comic-book creative duo, author Caterina Mognato and artist Giuseppe Dalla Santa.

“The idea for Creation woke me up at 5 am one morning, with this image of a man in an empty white room, and a laptop that gives him the power to create anything he wants,” recalls filmmaker Ruggero Dalla Santa. “I didn’t know exactly what the movie would be about, I just followed my man in the empty room and slowly a story began to take shape. A world with no boundaries means a world with no rules, so what would our man end up creating? The film speaks about how little we understand ourselves and explores the differences between what we want and what we need,” he adds.

So far Creation has been selected for numerous film festivals including the Nano Con International Sci-Fi Film Festival (USA), the Cambria Film Festival (USA) and the Amsterdam Lift-off Film Festival (Netherlands). The creative short received an Honourable Mention at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival (USA) and won Best Picture at the Muybridge Short Film Festival (UK).

Starring Benjamin Coulter as Adam and Sian Altman as Eve, Creation is written and directed by Ruggero Dalla Santa and produced by veteran British actor Paul Dewdney. Executive Producers: Ruggero Dalla Santa and Fred Mletzko. Director of Photography: Arturo Vasquez. Set and Costume Design by Rochelle Le Poullain. Edited by Ben Cowan. Casting by Beau Rambaut. Original Music by K.C. Balasarangan. Visual Effects by Nicholas Moffat.

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