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Beware the Sasquatch in Park City……

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A Documentary by: Dan Wayne

Ken Walker is a World Champion taxidermist, having his work featured in the Smithsonian Museum and in National Geographic Magazine. Ken specializes in re-creating extinct and endangered species out of other animals’ hides, including his famous saber-toothed tiger, Irish elk, and giant panda. Wild animals are not the only way that Ken can make a strikingly lifelike impression — he used to be a professional Roy Orbison impersonator. But these days, his “Pretty Woman” is eight feet tall and covered in coarse fur — his re-creation of ‘Patty’, the female Bigfoot seen in that shaky 1967 movie.

BIG FUR documents Ken’s obsessive research and his meticulous Bigfoot re-creation from start to finish, where it is unveiled at the 2015 World Taxidermy Championships. While Ken would love to win ‘Best in Show’, his real hope is that putting ‘Patty’ on display will prompt some hunter to open his freezer and pull out the proof that Bigfoot is real. Instead, it’s Ken’s love life that gets thawed out.

BIG FUR is a wry, comical portrait of an eccentric artist-hero, with an unshakable belief that eventually he’ll find true love. Or the hairy, 800-pound validation of his life’s quest. It’s also a sympathetic insider’s view of taxidermy as an under-appreciated art form. And finally, it’s a call to preserve the last wilderness. Because when there is no mystery left in the deep, dark forest, we’ll have lost more than Bigfoot.

BIG FUR will screen in the Documentary Features section at the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival.

BIG FUR is directed by Dan Wayne and written by George Langworthy. Produced by Dan Wayne, Jon Niccum, and Mark Gardiner. Edited by George Langworthy and music by Brad Cox.

RT: 76 Minutes | Not Yet Rated
Genre: Documentary | US

Screening Schedule:

Friday, January 24 @ 12:30PM – Ballroom Screening Room, Treasure Mountain Inn, Park City, UT

Monday,January 27 @ 6:00PM – Gallery Screening Room, Treasure Mountain Inn, Park City, UT

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