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The Two Gay Geeks have a special announcement for a Kickstarter campaign for a new Dekoo Original Series from Jason T Gaffney titled Marriage of Inconvenience. We wanted to give you an opportunity to be a part of this exciting new series from the writer, director, and star of Analysis Paralysis.

The Kickstarter will go Live on February 19th, 2020 so take a look.

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Marriage of Inconvenience

New names, new jobs, new lives, new husbands…? Two gay men entering a witness protection program find themselves “married” to help hide their identities from the dangerous people who want them dead. An Odd Couple for the 2020s.

My Pet Hippo Productions presents a Dekkoo Original Comedy Series from the creative minds of Jason T Gaffney and Ed Gaffney. The series is written by Jason T Gaffney and his Dad, Ed Gaffney. They have collaborated on several projects together including Analysis Paralysis (2018) and Out of Body (2020). Not to be left out is Jason’s Mom, NY Times Best Selling Author, Suzanne Brockman who serves as producer and runner of the Kickstarter campaign. My Pet Hippo Productions has also previously released The Perfect Wedding (2012).

Jason will direct and star in Marriage of Inconvenience, a six-part comedy series set to start shooting in April 2020. Co-starring with Jason will be David Singletary as Franklin. The series is slated to be released sometime in late 2020 or early 2021.
About Marriage of Inconvenience

Franklin is an even-tempered English professor who prides himself on his attention to detail in every area of his carefully structured life
Owen is a street-smart dropout with anger issues, forced into a life of crime against his will
About the only thing Franklin and Owen have in common is that they’re gay
Until they end up living together in the witness protection program, with the new identities of Mr. and Mr. Fulton
Now they have something else in common: they can’t stand each other
Marriage of Inconvenience. For better, or worse
Way worse


Be a Part of this new Production by Contributing on Kickstarter

There are a whole list of wonderful perks to be had on this Kickstarter campaign. Take a look and be a part of the wonderful world of LGBTQ filmmaking.
Marriage of Inconvenience Kickstarter

About My Pet Hippo Productions

At small or LARGE and My Pet Hippo Productions, we think the world is a far more diverse and interesting place than Hollywood would have us believe.

Our mission is to create high quality, exciting, and entertaining movies and TV shows featuring a universe where:

  • LGBTQ characters have leading roles that are never based on stereotypes
  • The main conflicts of our LGBTQ characters aren’t created by their sexual orientation
  • Female characters have roles that go beyond mother, wife, daughter, and/or woman-in-jeopardy
  • People of color have roles that are never based on stereotypes
  • A limited budget does not mean a compromised product

In the spirit of transparency, The Two Gay Geeks are backing this project because we believe in the project and the team.

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